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Website: http://www.igsky.com/
Telephone: +86-0591-553-35323
Owner: Paul Davies
Street address: 96 Meadowbreeze Dr
Kanata Ontario K2M 2L
Country: Canada
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: American Express E-Check MasterCard Visa Card

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Below, you can find IGSKY reviews written by users. Find out if IGSKY is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover IGSKY delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is IGSKY legit? Is IGSKY safe and reliable?

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Last Update: May 28, 2024

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Igsky is one of the more lately established virtual currency and service providers for MMORPGs. The website was first active in late 2006 and operated from Canada. The company has its own forum for customers to complain and address issues. Usually, issues are resolved by the site administrator but some are still left behind. The company has been linked with IGE

According to Alexa, the traffic coming to the website is quiet steady with most customers hailing from the US. Currently, it has taken up a ranking among other websites at 236,692.

The company's customer service forum does not look promising. There are threads such as 'I got ripped off', 'IGSKY = FRAUD!!', 'This site is a joke!!' and 'I always come away feeling scammed'. We could track the company's history back to this eBay user, Huiqingsky who registered from China and this cached page from Google leaving his association with the website. Although, the profile had a good reputation as a seller. The company is very cautious of the current gold delivery issues and recommends face to face delivery with customers instead of using mailbox.

Products. Unlike most other virtual currency sellers, IGSKY focuses mostly on online and console sports games such as FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA World, Madden NFL 15, Madden NFL 16, NBA 2K15, NBA 2K16, NHL 15 and NHL 16. But for sports gamers that also play fantasy mmo games, most of the top-tier titles are also supported by the website’s virtual currency services, namely Aion, Albion Online, ArcheAge, Cabal 2, Echo of Soul Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2, Rift, Trove, Wildstar. Notably, it does not service World of Warcraft.

Price. IGSKY specializes in sports games for a reason: It offers some of the cheapest virtual currencies for the genre. If you’re looking to shave off a few dollars – or even more for bulk orders – then this seller could be your ticket to savings. Customers can register to get discounts and VIP levels, which are a loyalty system that unlocks additional discounts and bonuses as a customer racks up more orders. We also liked that discount codes are prominently displayed on the homepage instead of hidden or de-emphasized, as is the case in some seller websites.

Speed. IGSKY promises to delivery virtual currency between 5 minutes and 24 hours for the majority of its orders. This is a standard industry speed range of being able to deliver within a day of orders. Although for servers where they have ample stock and have received payment quickly, deliveries can be as fast as three minutes, but it would be difficult to expect this impressive speed during busy periods like the holidays and game patch days.

Shopping and Payment. IGSKY makes it easier for customers to purchase from the site through a quick shopping form on the homepage. International customers will also appreciate the currency conversion options available directly on the site. Checkout does not require a lot of button clicking. It was great to see a wealth of payment options supported, especially for those that are looking to transact through local or bank transfer methods.

Customer Service. 24/7 live chat is available. Agents are accommodating to requests and queries, but there have been some times when the chat service was unavailable. Those who prefer to communicate via email may be disappointed at the slower rate at response, especially when the order is time-critical.

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Review by peter
gave me incorrect details for a mule account , tried to contact them on live chat but got completely ignored even when asking further questions , not even a hello how can I help , completely useless , do not use this website
Review by Suk
Do NOT purchase from this site, we have just been scammed, we paid for coins but have not received and live chat service does not respond when you try and find out why - jet says will get workers onto it which does not sound promising,been had live chat open for nearly two hours and still not had courtesy of response despite trying to check if still online

Rating 0 but not an option to rate them zero so had to elect 1 star

Review by Jordan kelly
Never received coins after paying £34
Review by Iasc
This site looked promising for buying fifa coins/points because many youtubers recommended it so i compared it to some others like goldah and mmoga and i decided to buy from igsky because it was the cheapest.. and oh boy ive done a mistake.. My order got through!? i think at lesat.. and the money was withdrawn from my card and i didnt get my product in the time i was suppose to so i started with going in to the "7/24" chat thus was full and when i finally got a support men(?) he didnt even answer me at all he didnt type anything at all, then i emailed their "help" mail adress, but they never responded either...
Review by andres
the place is under Construction and they just took my money and never deliverd my coins
Review by Kelvin
The delivery on the purchases is exceptional. Everything I have bought from this site was delivered in minutes. The quality is all there and there is nothing to complain about from my standards. A+ effort and service. Sincerely a happy customer.
Review by Lewis
I was experiencing some payment issues and was dealing with a lot of stress trying to find out were my money went. However the guys with service were all very patient and managed to trace everything down and i got my game keys.
Review by Alfonzo
So my first experience was awful. My order wasn't processed because the site wouldn't except my card without requesting extra information. It took nearly a week to finally get that resolved which already gave me a bad image of this site. Two days after the week passed, I finally revived an email telling me that my payment went through and they asked if I still wanted my product. That to me was a very dumb question and ticked me off. Obviously I want it if I ordered it. After nearly three weeks and several calls I finally got what I ordered. This site has the worst communication skills.
Review by Austin
I have been buying in game gold packages for years now comparing different site, and I have to say this has to be the worst one yet. First off anyone I talk to on this site has the worst attitude and is so rude towards customers. Can't believe they are still in business. They don't show any support for issues one may fave. Also the promise of fast delivery is just a flat out lie. It takes way to long to get anything delivered around here. I waited for over a week to officially get what I needed.
Review by Aurelio
The prices on this site are ridiculous. There is a bunch of overpriced crap that doesn't even live up the hype this site presents. I am never paying $60 for FIFA points again. Everyone beware of what you pay for. There are plenty of other deals elsewhere.
Review by Arron
This site has the worst attendance record I have ever seen. I have been told that my coins will download In just thirty minutes. When I didn't receive my purchase in that time frame, I contacted customer service and nobody answered. This site is full of a bunch of LIARS!!!! I will be taking my money elsewhere.
Review by Arnold
I highly advise staying away from this site. They took my money and never provided any type of service or product that I requested. Nobody from the team every seems to be on or even care about what their customer base wants/suggests. Therefore I never got the product I wanted and never got my money back. I never got my refund and I am also telling everyone I know about my problem. It is in your best interest to STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!! ITS A FRAUD!
Review by Antony
I was a little nervous at first when my game key was not delivered immediately according to their terms. A little stressed out, I jumped on the 24/7 customer service and they responded that everything is on the way. The problem solving skills on this website is very poor.
Review by Jacob
I have gotten so many good sales on FIFA 16 coins from other sites. Go take your money somewhere else.
Review by Andy
I was a bit confused on the checkout process so I turned towards the online service chat. No help there either.
Review by mehmup
I would absolutely recommend that people buy in-game currency from any other reputable site. This site is very difficult to deal with, and very unwillingly to cooperate.

I had recently placed an order for $260 for in-game currency in MapleStory, and had a very poor experience to say the least. Soon after placing my order, they asked me to forward my email receipt from PayPal to verify that I was in fact the purchaser for this order, as well as if they could speak to me over the phone to verify my identity. I was hesitant at first, but decided to comply since there was no sensitive information on the email nor would I give them any personal information over the phone. After sending the email, and speaking to an associate on the phone I was asked if I could send them a photo copy of my ID along with the last four digits of my credit card. Needless to say, I said no and demanded they cancel my order and provide me with a full refund to which they said no. I have since contacted PayPal and put my payment into dispute to try to get my money back.

All in all, buy from any other reputable site. I have heard good things about IGD and KOalaCredits so might as well check with them.

ALSO! I think some of the posts are fake. Some of them even mention the 'quality' of the gold being good...they sell in-game currency not real tangible gold.
Review by OsmondArcher
Even if it's sometimes take a little time to delivery. But I like it.
Review by Fiona
Love gold about igsky.com, delivery is the best...you can get your gold within 10 mins...better than if you ordered from other websites!!!
Review by CyrilKennedy
I recieved the gold instantly and it works great!
I love igsky and will buy gold from this site later on.
Recommend everyone try it.
Review by AnastasiaChloe
I often purchase gold on igsky and I'm very happy with the quality of gold I receive.
They have done a pretty good job.
Best wishes!
Review by AngeloElvis
The price is reasonablely cheap and the quality of gold is very good.
Review by Betty
Delivery was very quick and my little borther was very happy with the Diablo 3 Gold. I would recommend this company and I will be buying from them. Thank you
Review by especany
Long time to buy wow gold in igsky, service of it is so good. during holidays, I often play game, such as wow, star wars, rs, and so on. Do not see it low, and you can have a try to get news you need.
Review by phildaddy1979
paid $46 us for 20000g...18 days later no gold....talk to the people online every day and every day is the same answer....sry, not rdy yet,will call as soon as availible k? no its not k...18 days...no gold...no refund...and there is never a manager availible..bunch of liars and thieves