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Last Update: July 18, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy SO Gold. This overview not only includes the Swordsman Online Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our SO Gold list has been last updated on July 18, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 20, 2024. As of July 19, 2024 the median price for 100 is $0. Currently there are 0 Swordsman Online Gold prices in our database.

About Swordsman Online Gold

Currently available on Arc and created by Perfect World Entertainlent, Swordsman is a free-to-play MMO role-playing game. It was open to all users with a Closed Beta key when it began its Closed Beta on 16 Jun 2014. The Closed Beta ended on 27 Jun 2014, on 1 Jul 2014, the Open Beta began for players who have early access benefits. The game was officially released on 3 Jul 2014.


There is a novel written by the best-selling Chinese writer, Louis Cha, entitled The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (Xiao Ao Jiang Hu), and that is where the game is based upon. His wuxia novels are especially famous, with it selling worldwide for over 100 million copies. In Swordsman, the hero goes through experiences reflective of the Chinese martial arts and chivalry in a wuxia genre. The player becomes a wandering hero and, amongst one of ten schools of martial arts, he should rise to glory, and avenge his destroyed village. The player has to experience the adventure with great heroes from all over the world.


Swordsman gameplay has an action-oriented combat that focuses more on player skill and less on stats. To get ahead in the game, players should focus on dynamic combat styles inspired by martial arts, character mobility, aerial combat, twitch reflexes, and dodging.

As a result of player and player guild actions, zones transform dynamically. Based on their decisions, the environment changes as they move through the main story. This comes in the form of either secret rooms being revealed, new NPCs and quest givers appearing, or towns being destroyed or saved. The balance between good and evil in each zone will indicate the effect of their decisions making.

Martial Arts Schools

There are 10 different schools that players can choose. This includes Shaolin, Wu-tang, Five Venoms, Splendor, Infinity, Sun and Moon Cult, Zephyr, House Tong, Harmony, and Emei.

Each school represents a different class. The class consist of different weapon sets usage and different skill sets. All this grows according to the preference and singularity of each player.