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Guild Wars 2 Gold Price History

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy GW2 Gold. This overview not only includes the Guild Wars 2 Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our GW2 Gold list has been last updated on March 21, 2023. The next update is scheduled for March 23, 2023. As of March 22, 2023 the median price for 500 is $39.95. Currently there are 104 Guild Wars 2 Gold prices in our database.

We also offer a comparison of different Guild Wars 2 powerleveling companies.

About Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 (GW2), released in late 2012 is a free-to-play MMO by ArenaNet and NCSoft that features active combat, a skill-based PvP system, weapon-based skills and two distinct dungeon modes. The game was positively received by gamers and continued to see soaring number of new players months after its official launch date. The story follows that five warring nations in Tyria battle against each other over centuries for power. Now they face a new threat: Zhaitan, the undead Elder Dragon. Summoning the land of Orr, Zhaitan triggers earthquakes and tidal waves wiping out cities across the Sea of Sorrows. With Zhaitan causing mass devastation, the five races are forced to unite to combat this deadly foe. Heroes must stand equipped with magic and technological advancements to defend the very fabric of their existence in Tyria.

In order to progress in the game, players need to have adequate Guild Wars 2 Gold, the main currency used in the game, at all time. There are several ways to earn GW2 gold as follows such as slaying monsters, accomplishing quests and trading with other players. Once Gold is obtained, players can use them to purchase items from NPC vendors, trade with other players, repair damaged armor and so forth. The trading post is a fundamental part of the game's economy and market. As such, the game developers created a market as close to the free market model as possible by adjusting the supply and demand of items for a non-vendor based price equilibrium. The secondary currency used in Guild Wars 2 is Karma. Karma can't be traded and is used primarily for players to buy the higher-end items from NPCs. Karma can be earned by joining game activities and events.

However, gathering Guild Wars 2 Gold is time consuming, thus the currency is readily made available by many gold sellers. Besides this influence on the market, the game's economy is not flawless and has faced exploits that threatens a hyper-inflated economy.

Latest Articles About Guild Wars 2

Farming Gold from Creatures

If your current method of earning gold just isn't working or you are growing bored of it and want to try something else, you can always do the plain old method of farming creatures for gold. While this is not the best method out there for earning gold, it is one that is commonly used and can actually bring in a decent sum of money if you know what you are doing.

Before you go out and farm creatures you need to prepare your character. There are several steps that must be taken so that you can get the most amount of gold from your spoils in the quickest amount of time. Follow these guidelines before you go out on your great quest.

1.Do your research and figure out a good farming spot before you actually go there. We will talk about a few good gold farming areas later on that you can use, but it may even be worthwhile to find your own unique places to avoid other players. If too many people are farming in a single location it will definitely lower your income, so keep that in mind when choosing a spot.

2.You never want to go out to farm while you have stuff in your bags. You will be looting a ton of grays to vender, as this will be one of your biggest ways to earn gold. The worst thing that can happen is to have your farming expedition be cut short because you don't have any more room in your bag. Only keep the bare essentials, the rest can be picked up at a later time.

3.Decide how long you will be farming in an area before you actually go. This will help you set a pace for yourself while you are farming. If you have farmed in the area before, you can even determine how much gold you will force yourself to earn each fifteen minutes. Since players become easily distracted while farming because it can be extremely boring, setting a goal can be a help incentive to keep you on track. Two hours is typically a perfect amount of time to farm in an area because it gives the player enough time to get quite a large sum of gold from their spoils without making it become so boring that it is torturous.

4.Choose the right gear and character build before you go out and farm creatures. This will greatly depend on the area that you choose which is why you should choose an area first. If you are going to go into an area that has a lot of weak enemies but they pretty much swarm you, then you will want to go with an AOE build and stats that match it. If you will be fighting stronger enemies one or two at a time, high single-target damage would be the best thing to look for. Deciding this before you actually go fight will be important so that you don't waste any pointless extra time on mobs, being able to kill and move on as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that you should not ever use gear that focuses on health when farming.

5.Figure out what materials you need for your discipline so that you can keep an eye out for them. You can also check the market to see how much each item is going for in that area so that you can know what would be worth your time to run over and get and what would just take up vital inventory space. Materials are one of the best items to sell in Guild Wars 2, so do your research!
These are all necessary components of farming creatures, so you should make sure that each step is completed before you go out and start earning gold. The time you spend on these steps will definitely be worth it in the end!
Choosing What Types of Mobs to Farm
Different types of mobs drop a different assortment of loot, which is going to be the way that you earn your gold. You need to decide which mobs are worth farming and which aren't. If you want to get just straight gold from a group of mobs, then humanoids are the best thing to farm because they always drop the largest amount of gold. However, often you can earn more gold from grays that you loot off of a creature. This is where you start comparing. Is the gold that you are looting worth more than the grays that are dropping from this other mob? These types of thoughts are what need to be on your mind as you are deciding what type of mob you will be farming.

Where is the Best Place to Farm Gold for New Players?
With every starting area there will be a major event that you will be able to participate in once you are around level four or five. You will want to farm creatures in one of these events, not for drops, but for the end reward. Since event rewards differ depending on how much you contribute, you will want to farm as many as you can as quickly as possible so that you can earn the maximum reward. You will receive an item, experience, and gold. This makes it well worth the time and a great way to start the game off on a strong foot, and loaded with gold in your pockets!

Tip: Keep an eye out for gathering material locations in the new player areas, as these materials will be selling for a ton of gold and will be necessary to train your own disciplines.

Blood Vials
One of the key materials in most of the low level disciplines is "vials of weak blood". These are essential for players to use to level their disciplines, and they are dropped from creatures between the minimum level up to level 18. They are an item that is definitely high in demand in the Trading Post, and players are constantly buying them out of stock so the prices remain high. You will find them dropping off of beast type creatures, so if you were to choose to farm this specific ingredient, choose an area that is covered with these types of creatures.

They can also be found on harpies, snow trolls, bats, and even some spiders. You will find these types of enemies in Queensdale, the Plains of Ashford, and the Wayfarer Foothills. If you play as a human you will be able to farm them off of the centaurs that you encounter in the "Defense of Shaemoor" part of your storyline. This would be a good example of an item that you could farm to earn a large amount of gold.

Selling Dungeon Run Spots for Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 guilds are finding lucrative profits selling casual players spots in their dungeon runs in exchange for Gold currency.

Avoid tedious wipes
By paying for guild-assisted dungeon runs, casual players avoid the tedious wipes in difficult dungeons such as Arah. They also get a chance at scoring loot and achievements they might never be able to obtain if they were to manually run the content with random PUGs.

"If you are one of those people who are having trouble getting a decent part or getting past Simin, never fear. Fate is at your service," said forums user xmasGhost, one of the many players advertising in behalf of their guilds to Guild Wars 2 Gold. He was referring to Simin, High Priestess of Dwayna, whose boss mechanics make her annoying to defeat.

xmasGhost goes on to describe the Arah dungeon run deal for potential buyers. Players get to have their work cut out for them clearing the mobs leading up to the final bosses, and get an almost guaranteed progression for the price of 20 Gold.

"We specialize in Arah Path 4. The way this service works is, first we run Arah path 4, past all the priests and priestesses, to the Bloodstone end boss. After we have established that the dungeon is in a place capable of being cleared easily we leave the party and invite you."

"Upon entering, you may check to see that everything is to your liking and that we are indeed on the bloodstone fragment and if it is, you send the gold. After you send the gold, our esteemed leader will guide you through the dungeon to the boss and your completion of Arah path 4."

Bidding for spots
Demand for dungeon run spots has become quite high that guilds can even hold auctions. Bidders will compete for the limited spots per run, and the highest bids will be allowed to join the scheduled runs.

Guilds are taking advantage of the casual players who want to complete these end-game dungeons but do not have the time, dedication or skills to do so. Veterans will also be tempted to pay for guild-assisted runs to skip the frustrating process of running with inexperienced players.

"Honestly I can see why people would pay for it," said forums user Wasabi Kitty. "I pugged it the other day and it was a nightmare. We had to have two people drop party and bring in a couple of friends for Simin because they didn't have the necessary DPS."

Wasabi Kitty said the dungeon run took probably 3 to 4 hours to complete. "Honestly I could have just paid 20 Gold for completion and then made it back spamming path 1 Crucible of Flame and save 1 hour total."

Two Alternatives to Farming Mobs for Guild Wars 2 Gold

While Guild Wars 2 combat is fun and engaging, it can be frustrating to have to kill the same mobs over and over again like a desperate gold farmer. The same goes for running dungeons and fractals ad nauseam - you will want to look for less tedious means of earning Guild Wars 2 Gold. Luckily, there are two alternatives that will earn you Guild Wars 2 gold without the mindless mob grind.

Master the Trading Post
For those who can deal with numbers and have the basic grasp of economics, then mastering the trading post could be your ticket to Guild Wars 2 wealth. It's all about supply and demand. Is a particular crafting ingredient rising in prices? Then start snapping up that ingredient and sell them a few days later for a quick profit.

Of course, this method requires an intense scrutiny of the trading post market. You will have to spend hours sitting in town, tracking prices on all kinds of goods and scanning hundreds, if not thousands, of price list screens. You may also have to bring along a calculator to compute for profit margins to see whether a particular item is worth trading.

Pros. The sky's the limit when it comes to your possible gold-per-hour profit. Trading post veterans report to earning dozens of Gold per hour, a rate of return which is hard to match elsewhere in the game.
Cons. This is not for the faint of heart or mind. Mastering the trading post requires serious time commitment, research and a certain market savvy. Casually dipping into it may even make you lose gold instead of earning more, so if you jump in, be prepared to jump all the way in.

Buy Gems and Sell Them for Gold
ArenaNet sells Gems that can then be sold off in the trading post where other players will purchase them for Guild Wars 2 gold. Purchasing gems is easy and hassle-free. Then all you need to do is spend a few minutes posting the gems for sale via the trading post, and then simply wait for the gold to come through. This is the ultimate definition of grind-free gold.

But for most Guild Wars 2 gamers, this cash shop method is a luxury they cannot afford. Or if they can, it's only on special occasions because the wallet expenses can really stack up when you continually buy Gems and sell them for gold.

Pros. By far the easiest and least time consuming way to earn Guild Wars 2 karma.
Cons. Cash cost and guilt. You are buying your way out of the grind, which for some gamers means defeating the purpose of playing the game. But if you're swimming in cash and are strapped for time, this con may not really be a con.