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Aura Kingdom Gold Price History

Last Update: July 18, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy AK Gold. This overview not only includes the Aura Kingdom Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our AK Gold list has been last updated on July 18, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 20, 2024. As of July 19, 2024 the median price for 10,000 is $14.29. Currently there are 5 Aura Kingdom Gold prices in our database.

About Aura Kingdom Gold

Aura Kingdom is free-to-play MMORPG from Taiwan, published by Aeria Games in January 2014. You will enjoy the fluid combat and a lovely anime style picture. In the land of Azuria, the power of Gaia gifts spirits to players to shape the fate of the world. There are 12 available classes at the moment. You can play as a Guardian, Duelist, Ravager, Wizard, Sorcerer, Bard, Grenadier, Gunslinger, Brawler, Ranger, Ronin, and Necromancer. Aura Kingdom provide you with a companion that is always on your side in every battles. Eidolons or a combat companion will always fight beside you. It is unlike pet system in other game. They can interactive with you and be able to make combo attacks together with you in the battlefield.

The combat in the game is very smooth, you can move at your will. You can move around while you are attacking or jump into the air to perform super skills, or you dodge the incoming danger yourself! You could even glide in the air from mounting. The crafting is also good. You can refine, fortify or get the secret stone to enhance your weapon and armor to strengthen your character. Envoy path is another joyful achievement to do. While you are leveling your character, Envoy's path is also getting experience. It grants you stats boost, new abilities, or modify your exiting skills.

The economic system in game is run by player’s demand and supply. Most popular items people like to trade are gear and crafting materials. A good gear will affect player’s pleasure in game. It is enable player to defeat enemy quicker while harder to die. One of the shared goal for all players is to look for a legendary gear in possession. It grants player huge damage and higher defend. However, it is quite expensive because of low drop rate and high demand from players. Aura Kingdom also offer a cool mount which is a vehicle which will always attract people who pass by.

Gold can be found by looting from enemies and selling item to NPC or players. Or selling crafting item in the market. Another chance to get drop is doing daily quest or fishing when you are too tired from the dungeons. Since the action of the game is exciting and gorgeous with its animation style. People rather want to experience this fluid combat than grinding for gold. The gold market for Aura Kingdom is gradually growing.