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Last Update: July 19, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy DCUO Gold. This overview not only includes the DC Universe Online Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

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Latest Articles About DC Universe Online

Buy a Premium Housing Location in Metropolis or Gotham City with DCUO Gold

DCUO creative director Jens Andersen and developer Andre Bushman confirmed that the most prestigious player housing addresses will cost a combination of DCUO Gold and Marks of Triumph.

The new player housing system is slated to release with the Home Turf DLC sometime in early 2013, and the livecast above shown via the TwitchTV channel attempts to build hype for the upcoming feature.

Lairs and Hideouts
Andersen and Bushman begin the video explaining the difference between the two types of housing in DCUO called lairs and hideouts. Lairs are larger housing which have various pre-set themes, and are available only to paying Legendary members and those who purchase the Home Turf DLC. Hideouts, meanwhile, are smaller but will be given without cash cost to all free players.

Legendary members and Home Turf DLC owners will be given two lair themes when the housing system releases - the Gothic Lair theme and the Deco Lair theme. More themes will be added in the future, and can be collected in each player's theme library.

Meanwhile, free players will get the Dive Hideout theme which is "a cruddy apartment" and is "like some place Captain Cold would hang out," said Andersen. Both developers admitted that this was intentional, since they wanted those who were shelling out cash to have access to more premium and luxurious housing.

After gaining access to a theme, players will then be able to choose the address where they would want to place their lair or hideout. So far, houses can only be built in the two starting cities of Metropolis and Gotham City.

Purchasing Addresses
DCUO developers patterned the housing system to the real world. Metropolis and Gotham City have been cut up into streets and blocks, and players can choose where exactly they want their new house to be located. The premium locations - or those addresses which are near iconic locations as well as safe houses - will cost "a little bit more" in DCUO Gold and Marks of Triumph currency according to Andersen.

The DCUO housing system also has a cool innovation of allowing multiple lairs to be owned simultaneously by each player, as opposed to being limited to a single lair or hideout.

"I like the idea of having two bases because it's a lot like Batman has Batcave north, south, main Batcave and he has other lairs he can go to in the other parts of Gotham City. This kind of reflects that," said Andersen.

The final third of the livecast discusses some of the convenient housing features. Players can set up waypoints not only on their own lairs but with their friends' lairs as well to allow for convenient travel to and from each lair location.

Andersen said that lair decorations -- which will probably be earned as mob drops or purchased through the cash shop - will be discussed at a future date.