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Nbmmo.com is an emerging online marketplace dedicated to selling in-game items at a discount. As their name suggests, they are primarily focused on content for popular MMO games such as World of Warcraft, Blade and Souls and Runescape, but they also offer cut-rate content for other popular titles like FIFA 16 and Madden 16.

The exact inventory varies from game to game, but in-game currency, as well opportunities to purchase certain items directly as opposed to leveling up for them, tend to be the best-sellers.


Nbmmo.com offers fairly competitive pricing across the board, though it's clear that most of their deals revolve around in-game currency. So far as currency purchases go, you can expect to find a 5% discount on average. Miscellaneous inventory such as CD keys or in-game pets typically run a bit closer to industry standard pricing.

What is something of a disappointment regarding nbmmo.com's pricing is their lack of real user discounts. You might find the occasional special available, but don't expect any bulk discounts or rewards for regular usage outside of a referral program that offers credit for bringing on new members. Given how useful these discounts can be over time, their absence here is felt.


Like many of its competitors, nbmmo.com promises the receipt of all purchases within 24 hours of transaction completion. However, they also do acknowledge that delays can occasionally occur as the result of technical issues or supply shortages. Thankfully, the site does offer optional discounts on future purchases should such a delay occur.

Shopping and Payment

You shouldn't have much trouble when it comes to navigating Nbmmo.com, as the website does a pretty good job of outlining its various inventory through a relatively simple layout. Every game that nbmmo.com offers content for it outlined on the side of the homepage, while clicking on your desired game will outline the available content in a list.

As for payment options, they are somewhat bare. PayPal is listed as nbmmo.com's preferred method of payment, but they will also accept Western Union, Moneybookers, some e-checks and direct bank transfers. Currently, other popular online payment services and direct card purchases are not available. Nbmmo.com offers security on all transactions, as well as a promise that personal information is not disclosed.

Along with the discount offers on delayed purchases, nbmmo.com also offers refund options on purchases not completed on time.

Customer Service

Right now, nbmmo.com is only offering support options via e-mail and live chat. The live chat service is listed as 24/7, but during off hours, it was clear that the response time suffered somewhat. The actual service was up to par, but disconnects and other technical issues hindered the live chat experience somewhat. Furthermore, more complicated issues involving payment problems and inventory issues seemed to get directed towards's the site's e-mail system.

As for that e-mail system, it's fairly reliable. The response time is obviously later than live chat, but the quality of the help tends to be far more inclusive.

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