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Website: http://www.dpsvip.com/
Telephone: 1-315-889-1198
Street address: G4P LIMITED
LuGuZuoBiao F building,
No. 199LuLong Road,YueLu District
ChangSha, HuNan
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 3,575,550

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Last Update: May 25, 2017

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DPSVIP.com specializes in MMORPG and sports game in-game gold for a wide variety of titles, ranging from World of Warcraft and FIFA 2016 to the company's current specialization, Blade and Soul. Founded 9 years ago, DPSVIP.com is based in China and offers 24-hour delivery of gold, character builds, in-game items and more. Other titles include Diablo 3, Archage and Final Fantasy XIV, along with The Elder Scrolls Online.

The company chooses to focus on a relatively small number of games, offering not just in-game gold and services but also new player guides to making your own gold, advancing and leveling in the games the company offers gold or coins for. This could make DPSVIP.com the one-stop shop for MMO aficionados looking to try out this new game while getting an edge in gold, leveling and items. The company offers a full money-back guarantee and accepts payment through Paypal and Moneybookers to make payment as easy as possible from a wide variety of countries.


Dpsvip.com sells virtual currency for roughly two dozen MMORPGs, focusing on fantasy titles like Final Fantasy 14 and Archeage, although their “top game list” also includes sports hits like Madden NFL 16, Fifa 16 and Fifa 15.


Dpsvip.com is one of the cheaper virtual currency sellers around the block. For instance, a batch of 500 Guild Wars 2 Gold goes for $20 as of this review, which is among the lowest rates among trusted sellers listed on MMOBUX.com. Fans can get further discounts by using coupon codes that are given out on the site's social media channels like a 5% coupon on their Facebook page.

Shopping and Payment

A great shopping experience usually depends two variables: Reliability and speed. On the first factor of reliability, Dpsvip.com stumbles particularly because its quick buy option on the homepage fails for certain games. But for those times when you can access the quick buy feature, the transaction speed is impressively fast and the process, a breeze. Payment methods are ample, from Paypal to major credit cards to a smattering of local online banking and digital transfer methods.


The site promises "instant delivery" although in reality this can take around 10 minutes at the fastest, and maybe a few hours for games with low virtual currency supply. Their supplier system apepars to be fairly stable and large, allowing them to deliver within minutes instead of hours on average. If you have to wait longer than 24 hours, then it could be a cause for worry and you can follow up through live chat to inquire about the status of your order and whether they would be kind enough to add a bit more Gold to make it worth the wait.

Customer Service

The quality of customer service at dpsvip.com leaves much to be desired. For one, agents tend to reply slower than average even for simple queries like stock supply on a server or how to go about ordering on the website. There are also glaring grammatical mistakes, which can be distracting and does not help build confidence in the site. Still, the customer service is not bottom-of-the-barrel bad, but there are many areas for improvement.

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Review by JackieMolina
Been away from the archeage for a while. short of archeage gold these guys helped me, no stress, no hassle, easy as.
Review by Dsou Epmsg
The live chat service could be better! Well, fast delivery for fifa 17 coins. Well done.
Review by Maribel186
great service for madden mobile coins and i m waiting for YOUR big 8% coupon code on FACEBOOK.;)
Review by Ryan
i bought the fifa 17 coins on this site which was recommended by my roommate and use the coupon code "dpsmad" enjoy 5% offer.satisified with the fast delivery service
Review by HarrySimpson
Legitimate website pays the madden coins better and more efficiently than other sites, i have been onI have been there purchase madden mobile coins more than 5 times.
Review by Rock.S
Great Service for Madden 17! Received my madden mobile coins within 5 minutes.
Review by Rick.J
Amazing, at first I didn't really trust the site but they proved me wrong really fast. Extremely cheap ff14 gil I got my order in under 3 min for the ps4!
Review by Daniel Hansen
You will get what you want fast! This is the best place on the market you can get fifa 17 coins and fifa points account fast and easy. Quick service and they have good chat service. The support is 5 of 5 stars to.

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