Daybreak Game Laid off Developers

By Brandy,
Formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, Daybreak Game has been facing a lot of problems since their recent divorce from Sony. The first being that they have had to lay off many of their old employees after being acquired by Columbus Nova. With current projects like H1Z1 and Everquest Next gaining popularity, it is important that Daybreak Game keep their servers up and running just like they did while known as Sony Online Entertainment.

Unfortunately, recent news reveals that Daybreak Game faced connection issues for their forums, website, and game logins. Not only that, but they then suffered from a distributed denial of service issue. It was later revealed that Lizard Squad was responsible for the distributed denial of service issue, which would not be the first time that Daybreak Game has had a run in with Lizard Squad.

According to Daybreak Game, the staffing reductions were not expected to affect any of the games that are currently operating under Daybreak Game servers, but the attack issued by Lizard Squad has revealed that Daybreak Game may have made such an unfortunate decision too quickly. As such, they did not have the staff on hand to handle the situation and get the servers back up and running for gamers.

H1Z1, a popular zombie survival MMO, was affected by the Lizard Squad distributed denial of service attack, as was Planetside 2. Many are confused by Lizard Squad and their attack on Daybreak Game simply because their main interest appears to be Sony, and Daybreak Game has cut off all ties with Sony.

Those who are familiar with Daybreak Game titles like Everquest Next or DC Universe Online might be concerned that the lay off might affect servers further. However, there is nothing to evidence that any of their games will face any future issues. This is, of course, provided that Lizard Squad does not attempt another distributed denial of service attack or another attack on their servers.

Fans of Daybreak Game titles will be disappointed to hear that former director of development, David Georgeson, was one of many to be hit by the lay offs. Linda Carlson, the former director of global community relations, was also laid off along with their employees at the San Diego and Austin studios. There is no word regarding if any of the employees from those studios will be moved to other areas.

The president of Daybreak Game, John Smedley, expressed his own sorrow regarding the recent changes after their acquiring by Columbus Nova with a tweet on his personal account that composed of only two words and a single emote face: ":(bad day day)." Gamers should be sure to keep an eye on Daybreak Game to see how well the new restructuring works for their favorite game titles.

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