ArcheAge Gold Demand Soars as Launch Nears

By Brandy,
ArcheAge is just a few days away from its Western launch, and a legion of fans from North America, Europe and Australia are driving up demand for ArcheAge gold.

ArcheAge Hype
Hype plays a big role in the current popularity of the Korean import. ArcheAge was first released in Korea last year where it became a solid hit. This caught the eye of developer and publisher Trion Worlds who decided to publish the MMO in Western regions. ArcheAge is in good hands -- Trion Worlds has fast emerged as a competent MMO publisher with the likes of Rift, Defiance, Trove and now ArcheAge among its product list.

Trion Worlds then began a strong push to make ArcheAge one of the most anticipated titles in 2014. Sure, some may argue that Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar overshadowed the game as the year's most buzzed-about releases, but ArcheAge consistently made it into radars of videogame reporters and critics. Positive early reviews commended the game's flexibility to create your own class. They also praised its extensive social sandbox features like being able to build castles and organize expeditions.

A strong social media push as well as constant previews for media and players helped Trion Worlds attract one million sign-ups for its beta program. ArcheAge's social networks are also brimming with activity: Its Facebook page for Western fans has gotten 152,000 likes, its Twitter account has 30,000 followers while its YouTube channel it has 13,000 subscribers.

Demand for ArcheAge Gold
With more than a million beta players, it's easy to see why top gold seller sites like IGE have been adding ArcheAge gold in their services. ArcheAge Gold has become one of the most popular searches in IGXE along with GW2 Gold, FIFA 14 Coins and ESO Gold.

Demand for ArcheAge gold should keep rising until ArcheAge officially launches on September 16. It usually takes a month or two after the release date before currency demand normalizes for a newly launched MMO.

ArcheAge gold is mainly used to purchase in-game gear and items from NPC merchants and the auction house. This gold is not to be confused with gold coins, which is used to purchase house or ship blueprints. Still, normal gold will be important for new players who want to gear up fast.

ArcheAge power leveling is also becoming a popular service among virtual currency sellers. Many new players want to catch up to Founders, or simply skip the long leveling process to reach the exciting endgame.

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