What is the Richest Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

By Brandy,
On September 23rd, 2021, Diablo II is being brought back from the dead as Diablo II: Resurrected. Whether you’re jumping back in to fill your need for the nostalgia of Deckard Cain’s storytelling or playing for the first time, you’re going to collecting a lot of gold and loot.

Diablo relies on RNGesus to regulate drops. This makes getting the best gear combinations, gems for socketing, and highly sought rune sets a real grind. In fact, you’ll have to work your way through the story on every difficulty to get to the point where you can farm for the most valuable items in the game.

So which class is the best for grinding quickly and stacking gold? It’s a bit of a tie between the Paladin and the Sorceress. Before I tell you why you’ll need to understand what it takes to make gold and get rich in Diablo II Resurrected.

How to Make Gold in Diablo

As Diablo II is an RPG, you could probably guess the most common methods of getting rich in-game. Travel the level. Kill enemies. Pick up the drops. That’s not all there is though. Even though, I’m going to start with that.

Enemy Drops

Using enemy drops to build up your gold reserves is the first way you’ll try. As you progress through the game and gain more power from your skill tree, it’ll be easier to gather groups of enemies together in one place. The best way to take advantage of enemy drops is to collect as many as possible.

d2 resurrected gameplay beta

In each area, you’ll want to quickly aggro as many enemies as you can handle at one time. Then when you’ve gathered them together, wipe them out and collect the drops all in one clean spot.

Chests and Lootable Objects

While you’re running wildly to attract the attention of gold-carrying demons, zombies, and skeletons, stop at every structure you see. Hover your mouse over objects or hold the “ALT” key to get a better view of items you can interact with. Nearly everything you can interact with in Diablo II is a loot container, a buff, or a trap. 

Sometimes even traps drop gold. As you progress, take advantage of the random placement of items across the map. They may not bring in the big bucks, but you have to start somewhere.

Once you’ve done a playthrough and start Nightmare, you’ll notice the chests and lootable objects are suddenly more worth it. The habit of collecting 100% of an area’s items will serve you well.

Trade Desired Items

Not everything you find will be valuable to you, but it may be incredibly valuable to another player. Rare items(signaled by the color of the name’s text) are hard to find. Even if you stumble upon the uber item or set piece that you’ve been looking for, the stats on the item may not be the same. That’s where player trading comes in.

If you find a set item for another class, you may be tempted to hoard it for your next class playthrough. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea. I would recommend that you find another player to buy them from you. 

You don’t have to stick with gold either. Rare items for another class are a great thing to trade for rare items for your class. It can take some time to find someone who has what you want. Just keep refreshing the room list and check the name of the room for things like “Trading” or “(ITEM NAME) for (ITEM NAME)”.

Using Magic Find and Runes

Now that you’re on the path to getting rich, it’s time to make yourself more efficient at it. The ‘magic find’ stat is going to be your best friend. Some classes have better luck finding specific items for magic find, like paladins or sorceresses.

item inventory from the diablo 2 resurrected

Magic find is key to getting quality drops. The best items in Diablo II are incredibly hard to find. The chance for certain drops can be 1 in 1000. With magic find, you can raise that to more like 1 in 500. It may not seem like much, but with RNG every little bit helps.

Play With Friends

The more players that join your game, the more difficult the enemies become. They also start to drop more valuable items. The highest multiplier comes from having eight players in the same game. There are a few areas that can be used to imitate the effects of multiplayer difficulty increase, but the best option is to find a game online to join or host a party with your friends.

Rarest Runes

Runes were among the last of the features added to Diablo II. Thus, the best of them are among the rarest items in the game. They can only drop in select locations and at a very low rate. This will lead to farming certain bosses and areas hundreds of times. 

Once you collect these runes, however, you have exactly what you need to become ultra-wealthy. These runes are worth more in-game than most rarer items. This is because they can be used in item sockets to make any socketed item significantly more powerful with what’s called rune words.

Create Farm Runs

There are plenty of guides online for Diablo II on where to find the best loot farm areas. That may change in Diablo II Resurrected. The loot system is most likely going to be very similar. So keep in mind that different areas have different resistances, amounts of bosses or higher level enemies, and amounts of lootable objects.

A good farm run should take place in an area that has a high amount of boss packs and doesn’t have resistance to your main method of attack. There are immunities in-game for every type of attack; Physical, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, and Magic. Pay attention to the bonus stats of the enemies you fight to determine if you are in a good area for your character to farm.

Keys and Ubers

Diablo II has a lot of hidden loot areas. One of the more famous ones is the Secret Cow Level. However, that’s not what we’re going to farm to key the most valuable in-game items. Instead, farm Ubers. Ubers drop the “Hellfire Torch” Charm every time.

To do the uber event, you’ll have to get keys from three different bosses: Countess in Tower Cellar L5, Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary, and Nihilthak in the Halls of Vaught. You’ll be looking for the drops Key of Terror, Key of Hate, and Key of Destruction. It’s only around a 10% chance that the bosses drop the keys, so you may have to do it a few times.

Once you have all three keys, go back to town and combine them to create red portals to Uber bosses. Since these bosses are heavily stat buffed and a one-on-one instance, this is a chance for paladins to shine. Each of these mega bosses drops an organ when defeated. You’ll need all three to combine in the horadric cube. Once combined you will have a portal to Uber Tristham. There you will fight Uber Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo.

Duel for Top Spot

So now that you know how to make gold, what’s the best class to get it done? Well, it comes down to a close match. Two classes excel at getting rich in Diablo II. Let’s take a closer look at why.


Hammer-dins are Paladins who mainly use ‘blessed hammer’. The beauty of paladins lies in their high magic damage that very few enemies have the resistance to. Paladins can whack away at a boss and do passive damage with their skills. It is less effective for crowd control, but excellent for farming bosses and Ubers.

Blizzard Sorceress

Blizzard Sorceresses are just sorceresses with a focus on their frost skill tree. There are two reasons the sorceress is good at getting rich. The first is that at level 18, the sorceress class gets Teleport. This one skill speeds up farm runs and gameplay runs. It can enable a player to loot entire map boards in a few minutes.

The second reason she is so good at building wealth is magic find. She has a much easier time finding items with the “magic find” stat and early game sorceress set items also include heavy magic find.

She doesn’t lose effectiveness until higher difficulties like Hell where elemental damage resistance is a common enemy trait. Her attacks are almost all AOE, which means crowd control and multi-kills. With her ability to zoom around the map, kill off hoards of enemies, and stack higher chances for better items, the sorceress class has no trouble stacking gold and rare finds to trade.

What is the Richest Class in Diablo II Resurrected?


The Paladin class has the ability to deal with powerful special bosses and maintain health. This makes them a better choice for the most lucrative loot farm runs in the game like the Uber event, Cow Levels, Chaos Sanctuary, and Hell mode bosses.

d2 resurrected paladin

While the paladin can sweep through sections, you’ll be able to focus on more valuable targets that build up gold reserves quicker than gathering every small pile of gold dropped by common enemies. The paladin class also lends itself to high-level dueling. 

The whole purpose of collecting all that awesome loot and piles of gold is to be the strongest. Sorceresses are not useless in a duel, but a well-built Paladin will beat them out every time.

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