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Below, you can find goldicq reviews written by users. Find out if goldicq is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover goldicq delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is goldicq legit? Is goldicq safe and reliable?

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Last Update: April 1, 2022

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By | Leave a Review | Read Customer Reviews provides MMORPG gamers with services such as the purchase and sale of virtual items, virtual currencies, accounts, and power leveling for many popular game titles. The company was founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated, professional gamers. Since their creation, they have served over thousands of happy customers and with high satisfaction rating. If a customer has any questions or concerns, offers several different methods of communication, including a 24/7 live chat option, Skype, a telephone number, and as well as an email address. has also ranked as a Gold Power Seller on Ebay with an impressive 99.5% positive feedback rating. They are also square trade Certified and a Verified Paypal World Seller. Despite their already impressive resume, they continue to strive to better their services. They are pushing the boundaries of customer service by investigating new technologies that will allow them to provide lower prices while ensuring fast and safe delivery.


Established in 2007, has been around the block when it comes to selling virtual currency and items, offering power leveling services and engaging in account trading transactions. It caters to a large number of MMORPG games – and by large, we mean more than 100 – such as ArcheAge, Runescape and World of Warcraft.


If you're after cheap gold prices, then go get in line at A batch of 1,000 ArcheAge Gold, for example, goes for US$10.20 a dollar or more cheaper than other sellers listed on at the time of this review. The site also runs a VIP program that offers additional discounts based on how much virtual currency your buy. Customers that register to the VIP program and purchase less than US$300 in virtual currency will receive 1% discount climbing up to 6% when you spend US$3,000 and reach the Top-VIP level. There are even bigger discounts for powerleveling services based on your level in the VIP program of up to 18% for the Top-VIP level.

Shopping and Payment

Are you in a rush? accommodates your need for speedy transactions with its quick buy option. Its streamlined order form asks only the most essential details, then lets you proceed to checkout in a couple of minutes. Payment options are fairly ample, with Paypal, major credit cards, Western Union and even BitCoins accepted. The site even provides incentives for its preferred payment methods by giving 3 to 5% bonus gold, although make sure to inquire about additional surcharges you might have to shoulder.


The site promises to deliver virtual currency as fast as 8 minutes up to 24 hours. That best-case scenario speed is definitely a plus if you are chasing after an auction house trade or have a small time window to prepare for a raid. But do not expect all orders to go through as smoothly. You may have to wait a few hours and even a full day, depending on the game and amount you order. In some instances, customers report waiting for two days to get their virtual currency.

Customer Service

The site encourages you to use their live chat system for any and all order queries – and for good reason. Agents reply very fast and with great clarity. Most questions are answered without the usual customer service waffling that plagues other sites.

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Review by Majo626
fake transactions !! they scam u , if u buy coins and than they change prise , they make storno and ask for more money !!! its the same scam page as they have the same contact on icq
Review by James Frye
I spent $120 on $2.2 billion in game currency. After spending 8 hours arguing with an automated operator, I received a partial payment of $660 million in game currency.

Now I’m at the end of day 2 and the “supplier” hasn’t been in contact with the website in 2 days.

So I have decided to leave this review to warn potential unknowing gamers about this scam.

I also decided to quit the game because this transaction resonates to my game experience
Review by Lilphilly
SCAM!!!! Avoid this like that plague if you value your money. First they tell you they have plenty of stock and when you make your order, the supplier is OFFLINE or they do not reply.

They say they deliver within 24 hours and if they don't do it, you can ask for a refund. After 24 hours I asked for a refund because I haven't received my order and they say they cannot issue a refund because they have already ordered the amount from the supplier.

4 days later when I contact their support. They say the price has changed from 63M down to 52M. I had to agree to this over email so they could hold it against me when something would go wrong. This results in the same price as the other "normal" sites which has that price. Meaning the argument of GoldICQ is cheaper is bullshit. I agreed to it because I wanted the gil either way and would have made a new order to a different site.

I accepted and they delivered. But remember these things about the site:

1. They do not deliver within 24 hours like they promise.
2. They trick people into saying you have full stock but the supplier is always offline or you do not get a reply from them.
3. After 4 days they say the price has changed and you will get less gil than what I order.
4. They do not pay out refunds if you have not received the order.
Review by rey
pure scammer site ,,they will never deliver the gold to u
Review by Jeff
This place SUCKS they told me 10 mins and its been over 24 hours so far STAY AWAY
Review by ScatMan
10 days past by now. no gold just headache. now they saying they dontt accept payment from p a y p a ll after they took the money lmaoo.. so scammed.. do not buy from G and post this Review everywhere you can thxx.
Review by Gigi
Took money and run away.
No refund. bot assistance service.
Positive bot reviews around websites.
Stay away.
Review by Guillermo Rivera
Hi, im going to comment against this company because they are selling adena in lineage 2 without stock. They offer a service between 8 min and 24 hours, and when you try to coordinate the delivery of the adena they in the live chat always says

"sorry for waiting so long
i have contacted the supplier,but he is no replay to us"

"we are also waiting for him ,and try to find other suupliers to finish your order"

"when hes ready we will contact you asap"

They will never contact you. The first transaction with them was about 30 hours, and for a second one (i made the second when they transfer me the first with a character) they log out their character and now had passed about 48 hours.

Dont buy to them
Review by James
Scam website do not buy, scammed me after payment was made
Review by Vesania
100% scam!
After you've paid only chat-bots will answer you with the exact same sentence.

Don't buy there, better burn your money so you have at least the ash of it instead of absolutely nothing.
Review by Art
with whom I can talk to why not received?
Leen 23:42:38

with who can I talk to about a refund money?
is that your final answer?
Leen 23:44:48

try other payment methods, you will get both refund and gold
if you write again, try another way?
again -300$
i lost 303
Leen 23:47:06

you wont
why don't you want to get the money back for a service not rendered?
can u tell me?
Leen 23:58:17

Review by kasto
ordered gold on wow, took over 2 days, at this point i saw that this site was clearly a scam. but i contacted them through paypal to refund the money, and surprisingly they did. gj on that part that i didnt lose the money, but i would never use this site again.
Review by Kashyap bhakta
If I can give this service a lawsuit amongst a 0 star review I would. I purchased 500$ worth gold for ArcheAge. They proceeded to tell me that my payment wasnt no longer accepted after I placed my order. Furthermore they told me to make another transaction via Western Union, and if I placed an order they would refund me my money. Now I'm not that stupid, but I should have read these reviews. This website is a total scam
Review by Qelacien
Sorry ahead for my english
I ordered gold in Revelation online, it was 5k.
So when I entered the websait I was amazed by the prices and their promise for 8min until 24 hours delivery.
This is the date when I ordered my gold: 18 Jul 2017, 14:44.
Now is 23 july 2017 17:06 and everytime
when im asking what about my gold im receiving that annoying answer, that was copy pasted of-course, the supplier is offline, please wait a bit more and we will call or send you an email.
None of does things happened after 2 days so I asked for a refund, most of the times they were avoiding it by saying that they are sorry or dont worry you will get your gold.
Anyways if any of you is really interested I can provide this all conversation trough pictures, ofc I SS everything.
Review by legomeeggo
Paid $32.17 for in game cash. Received nothing -- complete fraud. Speaking to an online rep just results in promise after promise to supply the gold and or a refund. Nothing ever happens.

Review by Robert
This is a scam site.
I ordered a small amount of Tera online gold.
Then I contacted their live chat and they assured me that although the supplier was offline right now that he will come online later.
6 hours passed, no big deal.
Between 6-40 hours in I contacted them 20-30 times, they kept sending me the same standardized message, the supplier is offline, check back later.
After 40 hours I lost it, they have a 24 hour promise to deliver and they didn't meet it.
I asked for a refund and they said the can't authorize it, they said I can trust them that they will deliver. Then they closed the chat.
I kept insisting for them to refund, they refused.
48 hours went and their supplier was still not online and they still wouldn't issue a refund.
I payed through so I contacted them and asked if there was anything they could do to resolve this.
12 hours alter wrote me back and told me that they issued a refund!
Don't pay this company through paypal, because I've seen people here not getting their disputes resolved through paypal due to them transferring the money to another account after they completed the transaction.

I want to give huge credit to for resolving this so quickly!

Review by DO NOT BUY

I placed an order for Revelation in-game currency, the price was $24.99/1 million when I made my order. Live chat promised me that I will receive my gold within minute.

However, when I pay for my order and return to Live Chat to arrange a trade, they told me that their supplier is not online and when the supplier is on, he or she will send me the gold I ordered via in-game mail.

2 days have passed, and I still have not receive my gold.

What more? Now they have changed the price on their website, instead of $24.99 it's $34 and they are asking me to pay the different so get less gold than I ordered.

This website does not honor your order, it does not matter the price at the time you order. They deliver the gold based on the price at the time of delivery. You either have to pay the different or get less than what you paid for.
Review by Richard
0/5 if i could.

Ordered 2 Million of in-game currency. I contacted the live chat before ordering and was promised that I would get the gold immediately after I paid.

Paid and come back to live chat only to be told that their supplier is offline and have to check back later. After several attempt to get my gold, they finally told me that the the price has increased thus I will get less gold than ordered or pay more.

Also, I had to threaten them with charge-back and report them to PayPal for them the process the refund.

Do not buy from this site.
Review by Pissed off user
Had a really top notch item come on sale, was a little short on gold. GoldICQ offered an 8 minute turn around and they took Bitcoin, so I thought it was a great idea. Submitted the payment, then they stated that they required 6 confirmations (10 minutes a piece, and normal is one or two confirmations with other bitcoin merchants) and to contact customer service after that. I waited the HOUR on pins and needles hoping that my item would still be there. Contacted customer service, and received a response that they were closed for the Chinese New Year, and would not be back until Monday.

I hope the gold gets here in time, if at all. Couldn't they have mentioned that they were closed PRIOR to completing the transaction?
Review by Dave
PEOPLE READ THIS, DO NOT USE ANY OTHER WEBSITE LIKE MMKOO, THEY ARE THE ONE TO BLAME ON THEY FAKED Goldciq's site to be able to make bots that give you the same reply, They are trying to set the blame on Goldciq, so they can get away wtih it without being flamed on, If you don't buy on Goldciq and on another site that is not Goldciq but sends you to Goldciq DO NOT! TRUST THEM

I used Goldciq to get 80M DCUO Cash worked succesfully, good service People reply,

They will have bots name as the Professional worker in goldciq like

and More

still the site is legit, but if you are ordering from another site that Connect Your browser to goldciq then its legit!

Goldciq is good, Its many site has been tricking People by faking the site With boths
Review by razi
dont buy from them, its been 2 weeks since i payed them and havent seen a damn 1 gold from them. alweys same response.
sadly for me i bought via western union and no refunds.
dont make deal with them that my points is.
Review by dzag
STAY AWAY! Read the majority of the other reviewers regarding this company. I purchased tera gold recently and within 24 hrs my account is lost as is the gold I purchased. I have requested a full refund or a return of the gold that I bought and they have refused. Trust me when I say you will not get the items you purchased. Read all the other reviews before you make a choice you'll regret later.
Review by NoPecsNoSex
Received the usual bad treatment mentioned by other customers. Was told that delivery would be made within 10 mins after payment. That 10 mins turned to 10 mins to 24 hours. 24 Hours later I'm back on their live chat asking wheres my gold and getting the usual supplier is offline/away response. They try everything to satisfy you and get you to leave but aren't sure what to reply with when you threaten them with refunds/disputes. Just waiting on the 2 day Skrill grace period then its refund time.

Absolutely no recommendation to visit this site. I advise the complete opposite, avoid at all costs.
Review by Miss_Mystery~
Well everyone, to be completely honest, I got my 2Million gold from them today. Goldicq has A LOT of bad reputation, the prices aren't anything to smile at, and I surprisingly came out with something after a $15 payment for Mabinogi Gold. To the people who are conflicted with whether you should buy from this site or not, the simplest and safest answer to ease your mind is
No. Do not buy from here if you do not want to risk your money, and waste your time. If you are researching this site, end it here. Right now. I got my gold from them. But how long have I waited? 2 and a half weeks. Yes, I can tell they have automated messages that are triggered when a person logs into the "Live Chat" system. Now real people do type back to you, but please believe me. 8 times out of 10, you're probably not getting your virtual currency. I was patient with them, and had a verified call with them. When they say "The supplier is out", he really is. He's irresponsible and is barely there. I would go on and on about this, but really. There isn't much else to say rather than "Don't consider this site because you will MOST LIKELY be disappointed." But if you want to push the envelope, I received my gold, it was just very late and didn't live up to the "10mins-24hrs" promise.
Bottom line: You may want to request certain Live chat reps. Like David.
If you get a person named Lei or Cathy, well, push your luck. Those two had me waiting. David did as well, but he is the one who sent me the "Your mabinogi gold is ready" emails- when they apparently weren't because the supplier had left yet again.
Site trustworthiness: Not completely Zero since I received what I paid for, but 2. I can safely say this site is almost about chance.
Last note: Don't pay much mind to in-site reviews. Of course they aren't going to show any bad reviews (if the reviewers are real people) because they wanna get paid. To the people still skeptical, good luck with that. :)

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