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GAMECI is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to GAMECI, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Telephone: 1-206-905-1077
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: PayPal Western Union

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Below, you can find GAMECI reviews written by users. Find out if GAMECI is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover GAMECI delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is GAMECI legit? Is GAMECI safe and reliable?

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Last Update: August 3, 2016

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Products. is dedicated virtual currency store for more than 100 online games, most of them free to play and no-subscription titles, including Aion, Dragon Nest, Eden Eternal, Elsword, Guild Wars 2, Ragnarok, Rappelz, TERA and Vindictus. But notably it skipped selling gold for a few of the big-name behemoths like World of Warcraft.

Pricing. Spendthrifts will be glad to have stumbled upon since its virtual currency prices are among the cheapest in the industry. Just compare its prices to those of even the cheapest sellers in It does this by offering generous 10% extra bonus gold with each order, which drives down the effective price per gold.

Shopping and Payment. makes it easy to find your chosen game with alphabetized game lists at the sidebar of the homepage. The homepage also carries a quick shopping feature that lets you order without needing to transfer to another page. The drop-down menu though can be a bit unwieldy to use. Payments can be made through PayPal, Moneybookers, paysafecard (17% fee though attached per transaction) and Western Union.

Speed.Virtual currency is sent as fast as 10-15 minutes, but larger bulk orders will often be delivered in multiple batches, with up to a day-and-half before the entire order is completed. This is a reasonable rate comparable to most other sellers. Consider asking for a refund if delivery is incomplete by the 36-hour mark.

Customer Service. Live chat assistance is available across multiple platforms, but as with all other RMT shops, the Web site pop-up chat provides the quickest response. While agents may stumble grammatically, they make up for it in enthusiasm and attentiveness.

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Review by skyleon
its a scam shop, after i make payment for the gold of age of wushu.
they ask me to take a pic of my credit & send it to them before they can send the gold to me, i say its not safe to do so & they stop replying me. i ask for a refund & they only keep pasting the same message asking me to send a pic of my credit card.
such a lousy move.. >.<
Review by chronblogon
Well, I learned my lesson. No more buying without checking reviews. They got 10 bucks of my money, the damn scam artists. I'm curious as to why they're still allowed on here given that they I doubt they've ever collected or delivered one single gold. They wanted me to switch from LOTRO to EVE to get isk instead of my gold that I ORDERED FFS!!!!!! Scum. Of. The. Earth. This is robbery, plain and simple. It's a shame they're from another country or I'd call the cops. Human garbage, I hope they all get leprosy and rot.
Review by leute
i tell you....
i was dumb enouth to pay for some Isk of that shop.... believe me they dont understand what they do.....!!!!

oh, and btw. "yes of cours we have your order, just wait 12 hours then you will get it..."
1 day later the same again!!!

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!

Please, never pay for something of them, now i have to look with paypal, to get my money back.

Review by Tervis
Please do not order anything from this website. I started playing a game called Tales of Pirates its a free to play igg game. I wanted some better gear so I decided to go to the website. Gameci has a bot broadcasting all day its kinda hard to miss. So I went to the web site 20 mil for 14 dollars thought it was worth it (it wasnt).

First off they dont contact you have to contact them.

When they answer they have no money

There bot keeps advertizing for more people to buy money (that they do not have) for days you have too see it as you contact them over and over and they keep telling you to come back every eight hours. And yes this whole time the bot is still screaming you keep being nice about it thinking you'll get money (nope). Then one day they have half your money (but you fell asleep) after four hours of being on hold go figure. So you see the message when you wake up and contact them thinking well . . . at least im getting some of it. The funny thing is that they already gave it to someone else (mabey another guy they botted in). So there is no 10 mil much less the 20 I ordered. Oh and no complaining or asking why the bot is there when they have no money to give they will dc you.

Oh and I forgot the most annoying part of all. They actaully suggested I play a differnt server start all my chars over for 20 mil. . . so i could have a level 6 (needed lvl 6 to trade) sitting around on another server doing nothing. Thats like me (from America) buying my self a nice car in China even though I will never go there to use it but id know it was mine right?

Oh and in the time Ive been waiting ive made 50 mill lol.

Well I guess everyone has to learn sometime (me too). I will now and forever look at reveiws and rating for things before I order anything ever again. Oh and if I see a post like the one im making now I will go somewhere else even if it costs me an extra 5 bucks. If time was money I paid way more at
Review by btibindy
Well, i don't want you to wonder anymore.
1. Smigle, post: 8/11/2008.
2. goodgrief999, post: 11/9/08.
3. btibindy: post: 12/30/08. Thats me.
a. Being asked for my I.D. before delivery,
b. After refusing my I.D. I had to wait several weeks.
c.It took me several weeks of contacting you guys on most everyday,on days that i never contacted you, we never communicated.
d. I was NEVER contacted by gameci,never even the confirmation after the order,
e.filing a dispute with PayPal,and posting all the chats to PayPal.
f.escalating asap.
g.Refusing to close my dispute, BEFORE, receiving my order.
4. Asreal, post: 2/17/09.
5. spreems, post:3/12/09.
6. MrCookie, post:4/4/09.
7. gameciplayer, post:4/7/09,
a. "we only need to see your name on the card" - NO YOU DON'T
b. "it is necessary and safe for all customers" - NO IT'S NOT
c. "refund and stocks. Generally, we have enough stocks for customers to buy." - I WAITED WEEKS, FOR A $10 ORDER! PLEASE. IS THAT THE DEFINITION OF "GENERALLY"?
d."Even if there are no enough stocks at that time, we will collect and deliver to client asap." WHAT ABOUT Smigle ? 5 MONTHS!
e."If it is really hard to collect stocks for clients, we'd like to give your refund. " THEN WHY DON'T YOU!
f. "our company is a professional and loyal store online" -WE HAVE VERY DIFFERENT OPINIONS ABOUT "PROFESSIONAL" THEN.
g. "while those sayings about fraud or scam are a slander on us." WE ARE ONLY REPORTING WHAT HAPPENED TO US. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, CHANGE!
8. lewis, post: 4/10/09,"hi,
I wonder why you think that, maybe if you thought about it a bit more you would change your mind." - LOOKS LIKE A THREAT TO ME! GROW UP!
Review by btibindy
Right on MrCookie!
Originally posted by MrCookie
Originally posted by gameciplayer
Hello "btibindy".
Thanks for your advice. And we're willing to provide better service for all players.
But i think you may make a mistake understand about why to get pictures of id. Just the NEW CUSTOMERS of us need to show us their card in order to verify information. Maybe sometimes it is inconveninet for your to scan the card or the others, but i think all of what we do is to ensure the purchase is security. ==================================You've already broken the rules, I am waiting for a administrator to ban your shop from this site. You are disgrace for gold sellers everywhere.
Review by spreems
All I can say is DONT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I purchased 50 g for LORTO and all I got for two days was the run around. Oh yeah, and I spent half the first day just trying to verify that I was me. They wanted me to send my CC. Are you Fuc**ng crazy? I paid with paypal. You can only communicate with them through this HORRIBLE "Live Chat" client. They could not deliver the product and so I asked for a refund. They told me they would have to check with their manager. Aparantly, these "Live Chat" people are completely powerless to do anything to help their customers.

These people are nothing but a scam waiting to happen!
Review by beloverad
recently, it is difficult for me to buy gold then i find the site named, which is introduced to me by my friend. he always buy dofus gold from this site. i tried, it really is not bad for me to buy cheap gold.
and the support online is better.
Review by Asrael
I bought (or thought I did) gold from this website with a verified Paypal account. I then contact support and asked them on the delivery, they then asked me for a picture of my credit card &amp; ID. Fishy damn right you are! So i was online with them on their stupid live chat that kept dc'ing me every 5 mins. They kept insisting on my credit card which I wasn't willing to give. Then I thought screw this &amp; reported them to Paypal. I contacted them a fews days later &amp; asked abt the order, they then wanted me to cancel my dispute &amp; they would deliver my gold. I said nothin doin - deliver and i will cancel. After a fews days of arguing with them they delivered 6m out of 25m odered. Now when i try to contact them they just close the chat windows. I am leaving this to Paypal to resolve. I have the chat logs if anyone wants to dispute.


If u want reliable delivery has always delivered and even if there is a delay they always correspond.
Review by dipsomancer
Took them about twelve hours to be ready, but they did deliver. Customer service wanted a lot of verification which I haggled down to something easier for a five dollar order. Delivery was made, and contacting customer service was quick.
Review by btibindy
I purchased mabinogi money last night through PayPal and never received it or even the email confirmation. I started a chat today with customer support and after emailing them the PayPal receipt i was told that they cannot complete the order at this time and for me to contact them tomorrow. I feel cheated at this point because their website says most orders completed within 30-90 minutes.They should have offered to refund my money but did not. I haven't even received the email confirmation. I will post back tomorrow on whether i received my money or not. Wish me luck.

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