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Telephone: 1-845-795-3505
Street address: Xi\'an Shi Nan Er Huan 208 Hao Xi Bei Xin Wen Da Sha A10D
Country: China
Livehelp: Available
Alexa rank: 439,199

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Below, you can find Rsorder reviews written by users. Find out if Rsorder is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Rsorder delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Rsorder legit? Is Rsorder safe and reliable?

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Last Update: January 1, 1970

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Review by Rhoda
New to osrs and first to buy some gold online here. Thank you very much for giving me a great experience.
Review by Quinton
Very Convenient for those of us that work long hours. it’s very trustworthy. I recommend this site to my friends who are looking for items in game.
Review by Celia
This is a best site I have seen until now. I have purchased more than 20 orders from them. They alway deliver the gold very fast and with a patient and efficient attitude.
Review by arlene is a professional rs gold seller as it speaks. I know this site for years, which is just a trustworthy store.Sometimes it holds activity with free rs gold like flash sale. Great chance with free items, really love it.
Review by Felix Fox
Scammers! Baught Acc for over 140 Dollers! Never got that Account!!!
Review by Rommel
It seemed great at first. I spent about $30 on 25m +1.25m. About a week later, I log in and everything is gone, my name is changed, and my account is muted for 3 days for breaking Jagex rules. Set up 2-step authentication and changed my password and they still somehow got back on and tried disabling the authenticator. Scum, will never deal with them again.
Review by AnonGuy668
Bought 300m of OSRS in the past year and never had a issue once out of 20+ orders.
Review by sean
I bought a fire cape from them and a few days later they had cleaned my bank which was worth over 30m. They are lowlifes.
Review by Rusty Smith
This site is legit, polite and customer service is excellent. Bought 07 gp many times and always got it within minutes.
Review by James Medeiros
I've been using RSorder for the LONGEST time, i've purchased many many many many times! they've given me countless discounts for holidays and events! the delivery is always very fast and i always come back. purchased from here at least 20 times. great website.
Review by Nick
Pretty fast and reliable rs gold deliveries, both rs3 and osrs
Review by Tom
Brilliant and Outstanding Rsorder service, fast and friendly!
Review by Ash
For me, their service is the best because they provide a fast service despite having a very friendly workers.
Review by alex
Excellent site to buy osrs gp from!
Review by Corey-dsp
The website is "okay". They are how would you say.. unique. Yeah they are a safe website but some of their advertising is not on par. Overall I've been dealing with their shenanigans for a few years now honestly I keep coming back because its safe and reliable.
Review by Juan
Fast delivery and great customer service. Would recommend this for sure.
Review by Adam
Rs Order is always fast and accommodating through out the transaction. They do all they can to make sure customers are satisfied! Perfect service.
Review by Brody Fillmore
These guys are phenomenal at the job they do! They deliver their gold quickly and they deliver it properly, what more could you want?
Review by Kaleezus
great service, simple, fast and secure! all you need!
Review by jim
absolutely phenomenal service!
A+ prices and quick delivery!
10/10 would recommend to anyone
Review by cheboi42069
Rsorder is top notch quality at its finest, shiny gold, always on time and fire cape services are boss, 10/10 recommend
Review by Kyle Yang
Bought gold 3 times very good and fast
Review by Max
Great service, fast and efficient for gp!
Review by zombyoli
10/10 5* - Very good highly recommended
Review by Michael
excellent service, very fast delievery
Review by Leoj Viel Ardiente
This would be the best website to order something that would definitely fulfill your gaming desires like RuneScape! The 24/7 Live Help does reply so fast, affordable items, big discounts, and much more! So do you need some RuneScape gold, go check their website now!
Review by Marcuss
Great website to buy gold off of. I've never had an issue with them. They also run a lot of promotions like 80% off and often give out discount codes on their facebook.
Review by Relikz0
I've order multiple time from Rsorder never had any problem!! An awsome cutsomer service and good price. Delevery is fast I recomend.
Review by John Lock
Fast and efficient service for years, will continue coming back!
Review by linda
rsorder delivered the rs gold.but it takes too long to deliver it.when i checked stock,they guarantee 15 min,but i take 24 hours friend tell me,and it only take 5 min
Review by Jacob Whitlock
I paid 89.99 for an account with 40 attack 70 strength and 70 ranged. I went on with the online support and the person told me that the gamer said I got the correct stuff with my account. They are wrong and if I don't get what I paid for, I will be needing a full refund. That is very sad and looks bad on your part that you have these people working for you who cannot do there job correctly. Customer satisfaction is most important thing for a successful business. Jesus Christ. I also will bring a law suit against you. So either give me what I paid for, or give my goddamn money back. Email me back so we can talk this through, which would be a smart choice on your behalf.
( I have image proof of the amount I have paid and the requirements I should have received and proof I never did)
Review by nash
great! safe to buy rs gold,accounts,firecape....
fast delivery
Review by BikeShed
I bought 100M OSRS gold from RSOrder - and was told upon ordering that there was a 'ten minute guarantee' for delivery of gold. I logged into the account that I gave the display name for, turned the private on to await any potential messages and entered the company's livechat system to speak to support about my order.

- I then spoke to them in Live Chat, and after about fifteen minutes they were able to locate my order and asked to call my phone to verify. The phone was just white noise, and even when I called them back (on another phone) it was the same white noise - leading me to believe that there was something wrong with their phone, either unintentional or intentional.

- They then suggested they email me to confirm the order, which I agreed to as it didn't pose a problem. They sent me an email, and asked me to fill in the blanks.

- After waiting quite a while for them to find the email: I proceeded to ask them if everything was okay. It was then they asked me that if my combat level was so low (3) then why would I want so much gold - a question that, as I'm sure all of you are aware is nothing to really do with the business itself. Regardless, their question was answered. They said it 'seems not to be trusted' and then made me wait for ages.

- They then claimed they would refund me immediately, and that it would show up within 48 hours (an obvious red flag as PayPal refunds show up almost instantly) - upon mentioning this, they claimed their 'accountant' doesn't work on weekends (yet they were happy to claim they could refund me immediately just minutes ago) and I questioned them upon that. They also asked me to pay with another service, presumably to try and fork more money out of me.

In general: this business is a scam. I hope that anyone who was considering purchasing from them has now changed their mind and used one of the many gold selling services on the forums instead. There are lots out there. Avatar bank, IGD, Koala credits, bank of WOW. Any of them just not this business.

(if you would like image proof, then I have posted a more detailed thread on this website's scamming nature on a variety of forums: i.e PowerBot / Sythe and many others).

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