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Website: http://www.rpgstash.com/
Owner: Enhanced Online Experience Limited
Street address: Sheikh Zayed Road,
Emarat Atrium, Office 423,
Country: United Arab Emirates
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: American Express MasterCard PayPal Visa Card
Alexa rank: 120,775

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Below, you can find RPGSTASH reviews written by users. Find out if RPGSTASH is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover RPGSTASH delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is RPGSTASH legit? Is RPGSTASH safe and reliable?

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Last Update: August 3, 2022

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About RPGStash

RPGStash.com was founded in 2004 by a team of hardcore gamers that saw business potential in not just virtual currency, but also virtual equipment and other in-game services. The corporate entity operating the website goes by the name Enhanced Online Experience and is based in United Arab Emirates. The team itself is dispersed across the globe to ensure global support and around the clock availability.

RPGStash is designed with visuals, quick and easy checkout, and good navigation encompassing all the popular MMO games. On top of that it features over 20 different payment methods including SMS and Bitcoin, a unique range of services for any given game, and provides great delivery time in the business. The live chat is available 24/7 with friendly and professional customer support.

Below is a short interview with RPGStash.com about their history, competency, and future.

How did RPGStash come about?

RPGStash was created in 2004 by a team of hardcore gamers looking to expand their business beyond eBay. The vision was to provide services nobody else was providing in various popular online games while at the same time catering to gamers looking only for virtual currency.

What has kept RPGStash keeps going for such a long time? ?

It's our customers that keep us going. As long as people love what we do we will keep doing it.

What makes RPGStash different from competitors? ?

First and foremost our range of services for any given game. We sell pretty much everything that possibly can be sold in the games we feature: currency, equipment, character level, ranking - you name it we got it. We also feature a huge range of payment methods and our delivery times are unbeatable.

How do you see the future of RPGStash? ?

We are working on many improvements to our already solid setup. Currently on the table is a huge investment in human resources allowing for lower prices, even faster delivery, and a greater range of services including secure game accounts. We are also planning to overhaul the shopping experience for users on mobile devices to keep up with the times. RPGStash will always stay attuned to the needs of its customers and this means upgrading and tweaking every little component at a more or less daily basis while at the same time never losing sight of the original vision: to provide unique and professional services in the most popular games.

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Review by Shakey 07
I bought some stuff and it say my transaction was processing idk if it went through or not my order code is ZHWOXAXBL
Review by Stephen Anderson
Very disappointed, I have used this cite on multiple occasions and been very satisfied until today. Today I placed my order and the person helping me scammed me by telling me to trade the money back, then swap to another world, and then trade him again to receive it. This was done to protect the company or group from runescape catching them real world trading. So I did as he asked because up to this point I have enjoyed the services provided and always received what was ordered. Their support team was of no help either chatted back and forth via email offering no assistance up until I said I would write a bad review and take the issue up with Paypal, at which point he offered to help and asked for my order number I give it to him and then he responds saying that the order has already been delivered.
Review by Dmitriy
Best service website for gamers! Thanks.
Review by Yukiko
Worse site you can ever buy from! I won 40M from their chest and they deny about the wins, decided that it is an visual bug. I even took screenshot showing no 200k on the spinning wheel itself but they insist of a visual bug, decided to offer me a $1 fucking coupon to shut my mouth. Fucking scam site, STAY AWAY!
Review by Duke
If I could leave a zero I would, these guys sold me gold then cleared my bank account OSRS. DO NOT use these scammers!!!!
Review by JOHN
name: John
email: john20188@gmail.com
Order Number: REVPHITMJ
Additional Information: I would like them to send me the gold I bought, thank you very much

Welcome to RPGStash.com support! Please hold a minute I am checking your enquiry.
Please wait a minute while I check your order.


Could you please check back later?


Since you used VPN, we can not deliver your order now

and when?

40 days later

you try to scam me?
I think I'm going to denounce you

No, we never scammed the customer, you used vpn, we can not deliver your order now

you are playing with my patience
many people use vpn
nowadays it is normal
I want my gold right now, I can not stand it anymore, I feel that you are making fun of me
I'm serious
If you do not give me the gold, at least give me back my money
I'm recording all these conversations and I'm also making screenshots to file a complaint at a police station, you're warned
I want what I bought right now, or return my money
tic toc tic toc
you are definitely playing with me
return my money please, I do not want what I bought
Now I just want my money, nothing more
Patience is over, I want my money
Hello, this is a scam?, I want my money, or is this a scam that keeps the money of the people?
It must be, because once they have my money they no longer respond
Can you cancel the REVPHITMJ order through your prestashop system?, I do not want the order anymore

Sorry, we can not refund, and could you please check back later for the delivery?

No, I'm sorry, I want to cancel the order and get my money back
Cancel the order please
And make me a refund of £ 32.80
How do you want to make the refund?, bitcoin?, paypal?, because it is impossible for my money to return to my mobile phone.
I see that in Dubai the laws are very hard on the issue of scams
Maybe you want to stain your criminal record for 160 dírham

SCAMMMMMM!!!!!!! DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!!!
Review by Abdullah
i had 1b osrs gp and want to sell them, i came across alot of sites and i was very sceptic about everything. after spending 3 hours looking for a good site to sell my gps i just rolled the dice. i got very lucky because i sold 981m for a little bit more than 850usd. because i didnt trust them at first i did a couple small trades of 25m's and 50m's. when i got payed every time i sold the other 891m in 4 trades. i recommend selling your osrsgp to them, you wont regret it. hope Chao is the one helping you out, because he helped me out very good. Cheers!!
Review by Jeff Coy
These guys let me make a purchase via paypal, then called to verify, then heard that I was 50 and decided they needed to skype with me to validate.

They said, and I quote:

Zhang (00:54:03): You are 50 years old, generally speaking, our customers are most of young players, sorry for the offence
Zhang (00:54:16): So we need to get more verification

This is absolutely discrimination. I don't even have a camera (who the hell do I want to skype with?!). I've purchased from them in the past and they only asked if I was over 18, no issues at all. This time, problems.

This is discrimination, these guys have no business at all requiring special hardware for older people. They had the validation from paypal, they had the phone validation, why they think they need video too is just BS.

Review by kev
Bought an runescape 2007 account of RPGstash, delivery was fast, but there was an email set to the account, they wouldn't believe that the email already was there, and told me to not worry about it. i also bought 4 million coins with it.
about 2 hours later the account password had been changed, and they are not even trying to help you solving this matter.

Review by Adam
So there chests are rigged and you will never win over what they are worth i bought 200$ worth of different ones and 10 of 1 and never got my $ back the 10$ chest gave a max of 6 mil. they are pre rigged to give out low prizes. Opened 20 at least 2 of each in total got 58 mil from 200$ dont be tempted there is 0% of a big prize. If you x and try to respin it will show different items but land on same prize 100% rigged.
Review by Mark
I have used them a few times and I am very pleased with their service. They did everything they said that would. If asked to recommend a site for anything osrs, this one would hands down be at the top of my list.
Review by dan
DONT BUY FROM RPGSTASH. All their good customer ratings r fake and this is the only place i could actually exercise my freedom of speech about them. Save your money and dont use their site. They led me on for weeks and then just kept telling me to wait longer.

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