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Telephone: +603 9222 6654
Owner: OffGamers
Street address: OffGamers Global Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Ebay user ID: OffGamers
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: cashU, Direct Deposit/EFT, iPay88,,
PayPal WebMoney, Western Union Wire Transfers,
Alexa rank: 30,574

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Below, you can find OffGamers reviews written by users. Find out if OffGamers is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover OffGamers delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is OffGamers legit? Is OffGamers safe and reliable?

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We had a chance to talk with one of the leading MMORPG currencies and services provider, OffGamers.

Can you give us some background on OffGamers and how the company got started?

OffGamers was originally known as in its early years. Back in 2001, we were only selling Diablo 2 items. We had a very simple business model as the whole idea of RMT (real- money trade) was still something very new to us. As time passes, RMT gradually garnered more attention from the masses and we started to realize that the demands from the virtual worlds were never going to die off. Taking the opportunity to capitalize on the emerging markets, we incorporated OffGamers in late 2004. What follows was the launch of World of Warcraft and the rest was history as we ride on the wave of the most successful MMORPG ever created. We now provide services for over 20 MMORPG titles.

OffGamers were built by gamers to serve the needs of other gamers and so, we are a passionate bunch who knows exactly what we are doing.

Please give us some overview of your operation. Do you employ your own farmers or do you only act as a distributor or broker?

OffGamers is essentially the broker bridging the gap between sellers and buyers. We recognize the needs of our customers and goes all out to fulfill that need. We try to get the best possible value for our customers' money while not compromising the quality of service.

Our Service department is in Malaysia while our office is Hong Kong based.

According to Alexa, your website receives a lot of traffic from Malaysia, any significant work there?

We receive quite a lot of traffic came from Malaysia because of its local games. Things like Perfect World, Last Chaos, and etc. are popular Asian games which we are selling their game points.

What makes your company unique to many other gold sellers out there?

We realized awhile ago that in order to stand out from the ocean of gold sellers out there, we need to focus on something, and that something is our customers. At OffGamers, our customers are our priority and their needs are our utmost concern. So we are currently working on offering a wider range of services and products while perfecting our delivery system to cut down wait time.

What are your thoughts on news reports about "Chinese gold farmer sweatshops"?

I personally think that the term is derogatory and sweatshop is a stereotype. Just because somebody posted a video of the worst possible setup of a gold production house doesn't mean that every other is alike. I think some of the reports were over sensationalized and does not represent the real situation.

Many customers often complain about no delivery of gold which is perhaps "intercepted" by Blizzard before the customers take it out of the email. What has changed for you over the last two years given the increased efforts and counter-measures employed by companies like Blizzard?

Blizzard's actions has definitely kept us on our toes and gave us many sleepless nights, but I'm proud to say that we have managed to keep things in control. Our customers are receiving their orders and complaints are at minimal. I would love to share our experiences and the steps that we had taken, but that would compromise our efficiency and I can't do that.

How would you describe your relationship with game operators? Can you share your worst experience with a game company? Do you have any experience like getting a very valuable account banned and lost tons of gold in one night? Could it be possible for gold sellers to cooperate with game operators? Like this Guildwar rumor.

You can call our relationship with game operators a love-hate relationship. Love because we are after all making money from their games and technically without them, we won't exist. Hate because of the banning issues you have mentioned. We have lost much due to bannings but that is an unavoidable risk we take.

As for the rumors in that blog, we never had the pleasure of enjoying such a deal.... However, if the rumor is true, the deal is very shady to say the least, considering certain parties will be suffering with such a 'deal' and at the end of the day, players get the short end of the stick. If any game operators are actually keen to control bottings, etc and are willing to talk, we are looking more into guidelines. Something easy to start with is, monitor our activities, make sure our gold are not connected to botters' gold, give us clear and concise guidelines to follow and we in turn will use these guidelines to control our suppliers and weed out those suppliers who use dupes, bots, etc. This will benefit everyone including the players but this whole exercise can only be done with communication and assistance from the game operators themselves. On our own, there is only so much we can do.

With a few games coming out at the end of this year, which one do you think has potential for RMT market?

We are really looking forward to the launching of Warhammer Online and a few others. There is really just too many out there but Warhammer is one that we think has the biggest potential.

Many gamers have been annoyed about in-game spams from gold farmers. And that has given the industry a bad name. How do you promote your company and services? Do you think gold selling companies can stay in business without spamming the customers?

We know and we will never use such annoying methods to advertise our services. Our affiliates are warned about spamming in-game as well.

We spend on PPC campaigns, banner advertisements to promote our site. That aside, we do rely on our customers promoting our store by word of mouth as well. There are definitely other advertising methods other than spamming.

What is your outlook for the future of RMT? What will we get to see in the next few years?

We are very positive about the future of RMT. It was estimated that US$2 billion worth of RMT transactions took place in 2006 and there are very promising projections made for 2007. The RMT market is growing at a pace faster than anybody has predicted and will continue so in the next few years. More and more game publishers are realizing that the RMT model is here to stay and starting to embrace the idea of it. We will also see more players accepting the idea as well.

With that, we have set our sight on growing with the market and we are very confident that we will.

About Offgamers:

OffGamers, one of the leading currency sellers and was founded by Ken and Stanley Chee in late 2004 to serve US and European gamers. They have expanded their operations rapidly to Malaysia, Hong Kong and recently to China. As of June 11, 2007, OffGamers ranks in Alexa at 10,784 - higher than IGE’s 28,005. The company is especially strong in Malaysia market where 73% of its traffic comes from.

In an interview with 4U community in China, Stanley and Ken shared an interesting view on newcomers and competition which they credit with driving innovation in the RMT industry. However, from their point of view only the best will survive the current market trend of moving to China. They further comment that the real-money trading (RMT) market is going to flourish regardless of problems with banning and government regulations which have yet to be resolved.

OffGamers’s customer service track record has been excellent so far. They have been trading on eBay since 2001 and received over 8,086 unique positive feedbacks, which nets them an overall rating of 98.9% on the auction platform. Another review from The Edge of Nowhere forums confirms the company’s positive reputation there. Criticism comes from TopTenREVIEW, where a customer accuses Offgamers of not keeping enough gold stock, resulting in delivery delays.

As at June 11, 2007

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Review by Mrs. Wells
My name is Mrs. Wells. I am an older lady going through CHEMOTHERAPY. These people are THEIVES! My identity was used and credit card INFORMATION was used without my permission or knowledge. I knew nothing about it until I opened my bank STATEMENT. They refuse to give my money back because codes were used. I explained I didn't even know what they meant by using a code. All I got was we cannot help you. They EVEN FLAT OUT SAID THEY COULD NOT GIVE ME THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT INFORMATION. My ATTORNEY has every email, every rude employee name AND THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT AND SHASSO WILL BE NAMED IN SUIT AS WELL SINCE THEY ARE THE HEAD COMPANY....BEWARE OF THESE SO CALLED ONLINE BUSINESSES!!
Review by wahyu
Stay away from this company if you not want get problem.
here is why.

i buy 2 PSN $50 US on same order. all code have same problem. the code can't reedem because the code not activated on offgamers backend (it show Error WC-40377-1 on PSN)
i contact support. i make request just activated the code on their end. they said should be waiting 3 working days to investigation. Are you kidding me? i should waiting 3 working days on small problem?

after 3 working days, no answer or update from offgamers. i should contact support again. and got refund only 1 code.

i make complain, and should waiting 3 working days again to investigated another 1 code.

today it was 3 working days for 1 another code. like before no answer and update until i contact them again. now, they said "still awaiting respective team to finish the investigation" and can't provide specific time to solve the problem. For what i give they 3 working days again if they can't solve this problem.

What are you doing so letting me wait so long?
Is this how you treat all your buyers?

I think this company is run by one or two people only

this company very not recomended and unprofessional. support is useless and brainless. better, you find another seller if not want get problem like me.
Review by Moe
Don't use for codes!!

Bought a code and received a very unclear and unreadable image of the code, contacted CS and they told i have to wait for 3 days to get my code replaced and i cannot issue a refund.

Definitely not using offgamers ever again.
Review by V-B
Terrible website. Claims I have a proxy running, links a website for me to check whether I do, shows I don't, and then goes silent. More than $650 locked up in "pending charges" because they go on to "process" your order for 30 min to an hour, and then cancel it after an attempted charge. STAY AWAY!!!!
Review by shaz
its a gamble buying from these guys. clearly some review in here saying nice thing and some dont

their support is nice , helpfull and most question is answered within minutes.

BUT , if you have issue , such as if asking if the receive payment or not, they keep apologizing and blames their financial department.

i ordered diablo 3 serial within few hours i sent the money using moneygram hoping for quick deals. This was few days back , and they mention about the payment process go through until 10-11am their local time the next day, Fine

now, friday still no news and still blaming their financial department.

Dear Customer,

It's seem we still unable to collect your payment today. Our Finance Department will collect your money on Monday next week. We really sorry for this inconvenience caused while you shopping with us."

sarcasm on/ it seems they have huge number of staff and they all located in different floor/building. so almost impossible for them to leave their seat and get in contacts with "financial department"

so not sure how would i take them seriously for doing business with them if i want to sell/buy in game stuff. clearly theres issue for sure with their middle/upper management if involves with money.
Review by m3ta
They filled my order partially (1/3), but the rest is "being gathered" for days.

Even if they do fill my order completely, i don't trust them anymore and will never buy again from them.
Review by Rossit
I've not been able to have my first order completed. I keep getting excuses that they will have there suppliers work on it urgently.

2011-04-19 18:15:59 not completed on 14 May, original order 19 April.

2011-05-02 20:37:4 not completed on 14 May, original order 2nd May.

I don't trust them, I've asked for my money back but they say that could take a month. Their delivery is quoted at 1-16 Hours.

I recommend staying away from them you can't believe a word they say.

Yes I am not happy.
Review by pibe86
well they are a fraud i bought them Starcraft II and the took my money and then said that they didnt recieve the payment throught moneybookers, and monebookers told me it was inmediatly processed

so don buy anything there if you dont want to lose your money
Review by cyrus9586
I ordered a level 71-80 pro PL service. Cost 61$ time 2-3days.
within 40 hours it was done. They added gear achievements enchants and redid my talent spec. Some might call it a pain to have to redo the talents but with how they did im gonna leave it exactly as it is. If you need PL Service ORDER FROM THESE GUYS OR YOULL REGRET IT!
Review by ollathir
The service wwas good but CCP (Eve administration) were aware that the supplier was known as an ISK seller - my ISK was confiscated and I was threatened with a ban. Something to be aware of if you buy ISK from Offgamers!

Edit: just read previous posts about Eve ISK - wish I'd seen them earlier!! I reiterate - they may be good for other MMORPG and other Eve items but AVOID IF YOU ARE BUYING ISK

[Edited on 10/10/2009 by ollathir]
Review by tooflubu
Don't trust them they are crooks
Review by Sunrise
Hi Guys,

I opted offgamers for my wow account to level a character from 60-70. It costed aroud 70$ and the the live support people said they will get the job done in 5 days. The best part is offgamers completed the job in 3 days from 70-80 and there has not been any problem so far. I have been playing for almost a week now after power leveling and I would say this company is by far one of the best power leveling sites i have used.

Review by zuljin58
gold of here is a bit expensive!errrrrrr........
maybe it can be lower hehe!:)
Review by trajik78
i have used these guys a couple times and both times the order was completed satisfactorily.
Review by ruffboi
I used this company to order two cd keys, one worked, the other did not. When I talked with their customer support (via the online chat), they basically told me it would be three days before they could review it and do something about it! They said no manager was on duty, and the department was "closed". They wouldn't give me a refund or give me a new cd key, this place is a total rip off, I do not suggest using them at all.
Review by Bryanfury
I found OffGamers after WoWmine got me a 24hr ban and was pleased to find that they insist on a 12hr cooldown before and after levelling so that the IP change won't be flagged. I paid for a WoW order of 90 Badges of Justice and a week later they were done. I'd lost no money but in addition to the badges gained The Sun-Eater (for a tank that's a Godsend) and a ton of Kara tanking gear as well as epic gems and drops from heroic dailies. I could easily afford the badge gear plus I had a ton of useful stuff to go with it and in addition had 2 factions raised to exalted.

Gold-wise they're fast, usually same night and they have a live person call you (not WoWmine's 3am automated voice message) asking you to log in. You sometimes will need to drop out of your guild to access their guild bank for your gold and while they're not cheap they're reliable and honest which means a lot. Their support people are pretty clued up and helpful and so far I've order about 10000g in batches of 1 or 2k, all delivered face-to-face by someone who doesn't have kjhkhkkjhkhk as their name and in a faction bank not in Goldshire like every other goldseller does. It's subtle and sly and I love it and recommend them with my wallet!
Review by silvara
I haven't used them before, but based on the scoring here I thought to give it a try. I ordered a fairly small amount of gold, and although it said up to 24 hours, I received in within 20min!! A very pleasant surprise there, as before with IGE I have often waited 1 week +
Checks to verify your account were quick and efficient (an automated phone call with a verification number for example)

Will happily use again.
Review by tripdream
After reading motemote's comment, I am thinking that maybe they voided my transaction because I am unverified. I do not have a bank account and I do not qualify for the PayPal credit card, which are the only two ways to get verified. That may be what prompted their system to kick the order back out and refund my money.
Review by tripdream
I got the exact same message and problem that Grinder did. Everything went through just fine with PayPal, shows that the company (OffGamers) has my money but for some odd reason they can't process the order all the way. All they can tell me is that its due to security reasons and they will refund the money in a couple of hours. I am also very hesitant to register with any other payment service because at least with PayPal I have some recourse in case the company I purchase anything from decides to blow me off. I've heard a lot of good things about OffGamers from this site and others so I am wondering what went wrong.

EDIT: Just an FYI they did in fact refund my money in less than two hours. Too bad they had to do that as I would have liked to see how fast they could deliver the gold :)

[Edited on 9/20/2008 by tripdream]
Review by sp3sh
Well so far i have spent around $1k usd with offgamers.

In the past they were fantastic, recently they have had 2 of my accounts banned for power leveling and there gold delivery is sitting on 7 days still waiting.

Not sure what changed but im out of pocket $500 from 2 bans for exploitation during there leveling process.

Not sure whats going on but at lvl 62 both accounts where banned for exploitation.

Ill never use them again, they offer partial store credit but what am i going to use it on if they cant deliver and get my accounts banned?
Review by BiggieBo$$
My experience has been pretty good overall with this site. I've bought from a couple of others, and in the end they give you a big run around.

I'd say about 75% of the time, they deliver on time (first three hours). But when they don't, they're honest about it and they let you know they'll do their best to get it to you. My longest wait has been 8 hours.

My suggestion...order ahead of time so you'll have your gold when ya need it. The days of 5 min deliveries are over :(. If your order isn't ready on time, just get on their livechat and talk with a rep.
Review by Grinder
Placed an order and received a notice the order was canceled. When i used Live Chat to inquire why, I was told that they are having problems with PayPal. OK, no problem, I asked for a refund (they had already taken my payment). The live chat "agent" told me it would be two days. I asked why it would take so long and I was told the person with the authority to issue a refund wouldn't was "out of office".

He asked me to use another payment service ... no. PayPal is the only service I use online because I know I can get my $ back if someone tries to screw me and at no time do I share any financial info with the party I am paying.

Final thought: They shouldn't have PayPal on the site as a payment option if they have problems with it (at least temporarily remove the option until you get your problems worked out).

I guess I should have used Live Chat FIRST before placing an order to ask if PayPal was OK (but how could I know).

EDIT: Complaint has been filed with PayPal.

[Edited on 5/31/2008 by Grinder]
Review by Cass
After trying to purchase WoW gold from 4 supposedly different sites (all owned/operated by THS International Inc, read the fine print), AND GETTING TOTALLY BURNED BY THS International, I decided to give it one more try. I looked at the list of top sellers here on mmobux, looked around each seller's website, and chose Offgamers.

And went balls out and ordered 10K. LOL

Ordered and paid for gold (good price), went into Live Chat with rep, he asked if he could call me to verify, sure, in 5 mins? 4 minutes later, phone rings, he asks for address and DOB. Done. Back in chat he says 1 to 4 hours. Okay, I'm heading to bed and the server will be down in the morning anyway.

By this time, less than 30 minutes from ordering and paying for the gold, I have received 5 emails from them detailing the progression of my order, been in Live Chat with a person who spoke real English and talked on the phone with same.

I head to bed, and wake late because the server is down for Tuesday update, find one phone message from last night saying gold is ready to be delivered face-to-face, please log in. Whoa, all that gold was ready last night? Less than 4 hours from the time I made the order. Dang.

9 A.M. this morning, phone rings, please log in, gold ready. Hey, guys, it's Tuesday, server will be down until 11 A.M. I'll be there, promise. :)

10 A.M this morning, phone rings, please log in, gold ready. By now I have a total of 8 emails from them detailing our progress. LOL

I tell the very worried gentleman that it is Daylight Savings Time here, and 11 A.M. is still about 58 minutes away. And I will be there. Cross my heart, promise. :)

At 10:45 A.M., I turn on the computer, log into WoW, discover that we're up and running, quick log into character, get online to Offgamers website and get into Live Chat. I give them the order number, tell them where my character is, and BAM, I've got an invite and a trade window opens with all of my purchased amount. All 10K. LOL

And that was completed and done, clean and quick, about 30 minutes ago. The total process took about 12 hours, but I would have had all of my purchase last night had I not sacked out early.

So, start to finish, two Live Chats, 4 phone calls, 9 emails, 10K WoW gold, for $199.

I'm good. :D
Review by Destroyer
Like all other gold selling websites, they're annoying. They take it a step further, however. They randomly pm you in-game about deals, offers, and updates on contests, and they also spam your in-game mailbox with the same messages, too.

Don't waste your time on them. It will just encourage their stupidity.

My vote? 0/10

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