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Telephone: +1.00862034769101
Owner: Tianmin Zhu
Street address: 1#,street 6
Yacui Huananbiguiyuan
guangzhou, 511442 GD
Country: China
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: MasterCard PayPal Visa Card
Alexa rank: 8,693,590

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Below, you can find Bank of WoW reviews written by users. Find out if Bank of WoW is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Bank of WoW delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Bank of WoW legit? Is Bank of WoW safe and reliable?

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Last Update: June 25, 2021

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Bank of WoW is yet another well known in-game currency shop. The shop itself is named Bank of WoW and founded in the year 2005 but is in fact run by a company named NPB-Tech Inc and operates in the United States and China. Support is provided in the form of live chat, email and via phone with the main support language offered by the site being English. When it comes to payment options, the shop provides buyers with two of the most widely used options, namely PayPal and via credit card.

The site provides a customer service rating page with a total rating score from 4416 customers of 94.84% satisfaction rating. Details and comments made by each customer are publicly made available as well. General customer ratings on other third party review sites confirms Bank of WoW quality customer service with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Although, their site design makes it rather difficult to navigate for new visitors, Bank of WoW has a reputation of being one of the best shops that run the most competitive pricing of in-game gold. On top of that, the site offers bonus points/rewards that returning customers can make use of in place of cash to make their orders. Or plainly speaking, the bonus points translates to extra gold for customers who accumulate large enough purchase volumes with Bank of WoW.

Products. If it was not already obvious from its name, focuses on selling virtual currency for only one game: World of Warcraft, one of the most popular and most-subscribed online games in the world. Quite recently though it has also started selling Diablo 3 Gold, which is also another title from Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft. It does not dabble into power leveling, accounts, items, CD keys or accounts services.

Pricing. If there is anything spectacular about, it is how cheap it can offer World of Warcraft gold. Its prices are easily one of the cheapest a casual gamer can find. Their very cheap prices as well as robust stock has made the site a top destination for WoW gold buyers.

Shopping and Payment. Buying at the site is very straightforward. You can buy in a few clicks, and the fact that you do not have to sift through multiple games is a big plus for more impatient buyers. We were also impressed by various add-on services like the option to sign up for a newsletter which sends out alerts for price drops and other deals. Preferred payment options are PayPal and credit card, but there are some other options available on top of those that may require longer processing.

Speed. Gold orders are promised to be delivered within 5 minutes to 3 hours, and they mostly make good on this promise. This is because of their strong supply network. The delivery speed slows down, we find, on less populated servers and during major patches and expansions where demand spikes and supply becomes relatively scarce. Still, more than a day�s wait is very rare for when buying on this site.

Customer Service. Online help agents are professional and polite. They try to help you as much as they can, and can guide you through the more complicated parts of the delivery process especially when using the Auction House buyout method.

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Review by towermonkey
hey, emailed you, still not recieved my 200,000 gold????

email bouncing back >
Unfortunately, your mail was not delivered to the following address:

cheapwowgold At bankofwow com does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 Mailbox not found. cgi-bin help?subtype=1
Giving up on
Review by Jeff
BUYER BEWARE!! The positive reviews on this company are old and now inaccurate. This company is scraping the bottom of the barrel now. They are unreliable, scammers and do not have any honor amongst their customers.

My recent story (February 2018)

Recently I made a purchase through them. I waited 42 hours with no delivery. I attempted to contact them via their live chat, it was down. I emailed them and their reply came in 5 hours later with, "use the chat bro." I told them their live chat was down. The next day the chat was back up. I was told that they were out of items on my server and that it would be a couple days before they could fulfill my order. I was flexible and agreed to keep my order open for another 48 hours to see if they could fulfill it. So on day 7 the order was still not able to be completed. I requested a refund. They told me that I would be refunded "later." After waiting a couple days with no refund processed I contacted their live chat, I literally waited on their live chat service for 30 minutes waiting for an answer, I was conveniently ignored. I have been forced to open a case on PayPal against them for no refund aka theft. Day 7 of the case being opened with no response from them I would suspect they have no intention of refunding me and in 2 days I will have to rely on PayPal to give me my money back via opening a fraud case on them. I have been a customer of theirs for over 4 years and this is how I am treated, they steal my over $100 and have stopped all communication. I advise not using their service anymore as it seems they are the scammers now and are no longer reputable.

Another thing to note, I tried to leave feedback on their website, oddly the reviews on their website cut off at the end of 2016. It has been a couple weeks since I left a poor review and of course that one is not showing.

Pricing: Check it out because lately it is safer to purchase online items through your actually gaming company, their prices are only about 5 to 10 dollars more and there is no risk of getting scammed or in trouble via the gaming companies policies.

Review by turgut kalfa
Bank of wow used to be good, but now they are not paying their affliates!
Many emails and online chats were logged, but I am not getting a penny. They must be going broke.
Review by Mike
They have definitely dropped to the bottom...first time customer and last time customer..Ordered 80k on Friday 16th. Received 20k of that Monday morning. Chatted with CS. they said they were sorry it was taking so long, that I would get my gold right now. Well, today is Tuesday, still nothing...I chatted with them again. I did receive a "partial" refund.

Not happy with these folks at all. Find someone else if you want gold faster
Review by Danisius
So I wouldn't call it a scam since they are upfront with it, but you don't realize it t'ill after the Gold is delivered to you. Out of all the sites out there, some will point out that "they will pay the auction price cut", bankofwow doesn't state that anywhere and says that the auction house will take a cut and bankofwow will credit you in store credit. Now as a first time user that bought 80000g, I lost 4000g in auction house cut. Which then gives you reason why the Gold is so cheap with them. For $20 I bought 80000g but in reality got 76000g.
Review by Jesse
After 48 hours I received 1/4 of the gold I paid for. After 4 days I complained, they refunded me, but only 2/3 of my purchase price, not the 3/4 that I was owed. Bottom tier.

Review by knifepoint
Very nice customer support, cheapest gold even on a low populated server. even better than Guy4Gold!!!
Review by eric713
I read great reviews about this site for purchasing gold. So I thought I would try them. Since I've never bought gold before I was pretty nervous about being ripped off or getting my account banned. I bought 5000 gold to see if everything was legit. I put up my five auctions and 45 minutes later my auctions were bought. Hour later I got my gold through the AH system. I was satisfied with this and bought another 20,000 gold. An hour and 10 minutes later I had another 15,000 gold and I had to log off for the night. The next morning the remainding 5000 gold was in my mailbox. I am extremely satisfied with this site. The only downfall is the 5% auction house cut. The site basically gives you $1 bonus money for every $10 spent. Today I went to buy another 25,000 gold and to use my free $5 bonus money and the site decided to raise their prices exactly $5. Thought it was kinda funny. The 5% loss through the AH does suck, but it's the price you must pay for the little amount of security you receive using a gold buying website. I look at it as a 5% house rake since I am a gambler. I rate this site a 10 out of 10.
Review by ilook
So, I've ordered from this company about 10 times (all wow gold, all large denominations of 5k+, usually 10k), and from guy4game (lotro) once.

Most of my orders (not all) were completed in a timely fashion (within 48 hours) and I have always received my orders in full.

However, they have some questionable business practices. their prices change seemingly at random and sometimes dramatically (almost always up). I have seen it go from $5.43/1000g to over $10/1000g in a single day.

Just now I was in the middle of a 10k gold order and the price jumped from 5.73/1000 to 6.38/1000 I could afford to pay but it pissed me off so I canceled it (pulled my auctions, hadn't confirmed the sale yet). I asked them why they would do this, the same customer service representative that list below in more detail told me that it's an automated system like the stock market and they have no control over price which is an absolute bullshit lie.

Their board *always* shows a price drop arrow, and fake previous prices in the left column which is done deliberately to mislead people.

They do not compensate you for the 5% loss in the AH, they give you .6 of a "bonus point" per $10 which forces you to buy more to get that back and keeps you permanently in a trade imbalance with them having the upper hand. (and also means the listed price is actually 5% higher than what it says it is, this can be negated by using a coupon code: bankofwow which has always worked for 5% but it's still ridiculous).

On one occasion it took more than 7 days to get my full order, the customer service person was the same one every day (I was not rude, nor pushy, and only checked the chat perhaps 2x a day) and they got increasingly hostile and rude and always lied profusely about what was going on while also apologizing with no sincerity.

It's sad that this is the highest rated seller, but compared to my guy4game experience they come out smelling like roses. It's very much a drug-dealer style market with all the unreliability and hassles thereof.
Review by Shads
Well I ordered a small amount (2k) of gold 24+ hours ago and just chatted with their live help. It's still pending. Makes me a bit nervous when it takes this long for such a tiny amount of gold and its by far the longest its ever taken for such a small amount to get delivered (between the various services I've used.)

Edit: Ironically not 2m after this post they finished the delivery. Total time was about 24h.

Seems they're reliable but at least on my server a bit slower than some others.

[Edited on 6/14/2009 by Shads]
Review by Drusilla38479
I purchased 10,000G like 2 weeks ago. They called to confirm that it was me that ordered. I received 8,000G just before 48 hours was up, and the rest right away after 48 hours (so, probably in 50-56 hours?). I'm just happy that I actually received the Gold because the other company I used only sent me a little less than a half and bailed (in the middle of Paypal dispute atm). I've placed an order of another 10,000G 2 days ago, so I'll see how long that one takes.

Update on how long it took to get my 10,000G the second time. It was a little over 24 hours. I didn't have to relist my auctions at all. I'd say they're an awesome seller.

[Edited on 1/8/2009 by Drusilla38479]
Review by worried
and it turns out that one of the characters that gave me gold from this site was his toon. next day after receiving gold he starts talking to me asking how much i got from him. i'm like what do you mean? and he tells me his account was hacked and my name was on his friends list. he tells me his character wasn't even on that server and was just transferred within a day to my server where i was paid out. tells me he got calls from friends that he just took everything out of the guild bank before the transfer. i definetly remember this character giving me the money and i also remember which i thought strange at the time was a lvl 80 with 4/5 item level 213 epics giving me another payment of gold.

all though this company may not know that the account was hacked i would have to say that they should not be used in the future by any of you as they are not looking into who supplies them the gold or possibly worst doing the hacking themsevles.or better yet look to other gold sellers if you really need to buy gold like Koala Credits.

however i'm going to stop buying gold after hearing this because i don't want to support people's hard work being ruined by these hackers that are profiting off of it.
Review by dicer
Hi All;

Just giving a status update on Bank of WOW PayPal review.. The PayPal review has been completed and their status has been fully restored. I just wanted everyone to know this. The review done by PayPal lasted more than a month and during this time the prices they had on gold was a lot higher than other times and they could not pay affiliates during this time. Now the price on gold is very good once again and the Affiliates are being paid once again. As stated on my site I recommend this as one of the best places to buy WOW gold.
Review by dicer
Hi All;

I have used this company for a long time and they sell gold at about the best price on the market, have a good reputation and a have a good affiliate program. I had always been extremely satisfied with the company.

My satisfaction level with bankofwow has changed though as the company has come under "Paypal Money Laundering Review". It has been in this status for about a month and as a result the gold prices they offer has skyrocked and the affiliates they use have been unpaid for the last payment period. I have been in contact with the company but they have been unable to give me a timeframe as to when this will be resolved. I cannot recommend buying gold from this site for now until they have this resolved.

When they do however get this Paypal review resolved they are a very good company that I would recommend using again, just not until this is resolved. I will keep you updated when this changes.

Review by skyflame
I am extremely freaked out right now. I have used bankofwow three times and have been very pleased except for today. As soon as I logged into wow, some guy named Crasher psst me stating: "Give me my 500 gold back right now!" He told me that someone hacked into his account and made an auction purchase for wool cloth. As bankofwow users know, they have you put items for sale in auction in 500g amounts. I immediately went to live chat on bankofwow's website. The auction purchase was two days ago. I asked bankofwow how they get gold and Kobe (the live chat rep) would not give me a straight answer. He told me they don't hack people's accounts, but he didn't tell me how they get gold. I can't tell if this guy Crasher just noticed my auctions, put two and two together, and is trying to scam money from me or if he was really a victim of hacking. He said he reported me. I don't like the idea someone was a victim of hacking, but I don't know for sure if he is telling me the truth as I can't remember the name of the toon that bought the wool cloth. I ordered a total of 3000 gold, but this guy Crasher is claiming 500 was stolen. Kobe couldn't tell me the name of the toon that bought all my wool cloth auctions either. Someone please advise me I don't want to get my account banned.

In the meantime, I'll be using some other shops such as koala credits or in game delivery until this is resolved.
Review by airtard
After the headache of ordering from some other sites and not receiving my gold I decided to try They were great I got my gold in 15 mins!!!
Review by sir_kels_alot
WOW! :D This was so good! I tried buying from a different company, and I never got my gold, so i tired this one. I love their honesty about not being able to promise 24 hour delivery because if they did promise it, it'd be a lie. They had great Live Chat (although, i'm a little suspicious on house those 'live' people can type that fast), and were very helpful. I also like how they deliver the gold. I think it's wonderful that they do it through the Auction House rather than mail or trade. You have to work for this gold, but it's definitely worth it. I got my gold just under 24 hours, and i was very pleased. I will definitely go back to them if I want to buy more. Only down side is that since it's done through the auction house, the auction house takes part of the money, but Bank of WoW will give you a percent of your payment back, so it's all good! Definitely a wonderful company!

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