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Latest News and Articles About Elder Scrolls Online

Leveling the Nightblade to the Level Cap from Level 40-50

Thus begins the last leveling stretch! During this level range Nightblades will have a myriad of options to gain that last bit of experience. Questing, of course, will be the primary way to advance in the main story as well as earn new rewards. Farming mobs in public dungeons or areas with quick respawn times continues to be a viable source of experience. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need to finish the main story quests after hitting level 50, so you may wish to keep current with the quests.

There are four instanced, 4-man dungeons to take part in during this level range:

Selene's Web: Levels 40-44 - Located in Reaper's March (Aldmeri Dominion)
Blessed Crucible: Levels 40-44 - Located in The Rift (Ebonheart Pact)
Blackheart Haven: Levels 40-44 - Located in Bangkorai (Daggerfall Covenant)
Vaults of Madness: Levels 47-50 - Located in Coldharbour (All three alliances)

Vaults of Madness, in particular, has some very decent rewards for this level range. You should consider running this dungeon a time or two if you feel your gear is lacking somewhat.

Nightblade Combat/Build Tips
While running dungeons you may notice that 99% of your time in dungeons is spent killing AoE "trash" pulls. Large packs of enemies in between bosses means that most classes will pull out their plethora of area-of-effect spells in order to kill these mobs quickly.

Nightblades do not have a ton of AoE (area-of-effect) abilities within their arsenal, but they do have a few options. Some of your best options include Volley/Scorched Earth (bow), Arrow Spray/Acid Spray (bow), Wall of Elements/Unstable Wall of Elements (destruction staff), Impulse/Elemental Ring (destruction staff) and Soul Shred/Soul Tether (Siphoning Ultimate). Impulse/Elemental Ring is especially strong.

You may wish to add more AoE abilities to your hotbar when taking part in dungeons or mob farming. Using single target attacks on high-priority targets such as enemy healers is also an option.

When it comes to maximizing your buffs, you'll probably want to use the Mundus Stone buff that increases either your total Magicka (Mage) or Stamina (Tower) pool. Pick whichever resource pool your build revolves around. Remember you can go to Cyrodil to find all of the Mundus Stones. The Thief stone which adds critical hit chance isn't as good as it may sound on paper for Nightblades unfortunately. The added amount is simply too small.

Questing Tips
The questing zones for this level range are all fairly straightforward:

Aldmeri Dominion
Reaper's March (levels 40-44) and Coldharbour (levels 43-50)
These two zones should comfortably get you to level 50. Fill in with dungeons if need be. Coldharbour is shared between all three alliances.

Ebonheart Pact
The Rift (levels 40-44) and Coldharbour (levels 43-50)

These two zones should comfortably get you to level 50. Fill in with dungeons if necessary. Coldharbour is shared between all three alliances.

Daggerfall Covenant
Bangkorai (levels 40-44) and Coldharbour (levels 43-50)

These two zones should comfortably get you to level 50. Fill in with dungeons if need be. Coldharbour is shared between all three alliances.

Upon reaching level 50, you will be given the main story quest entitled God of Schemes. This quest must be completed before you can gain access to any of the Veteran content which includes the ability to explore the other alliances' zones as well as Veteran Rank dungeons.

This final fight with Molag Bal can be a little difficult if you are not prepared. Maximize your gear as much as possible with dungeons drops and crafted items. It's often a good idea to focus on increasing your survivability as opposed to increasing your straight DPS.

Make sure to keep a ranged weapon as one of your weapon slots whether it be a bow or destruction staff. Using a restoration staff is also an option for your secondary weapon if you have it leveled. If you are primarily a melee Nightblade, you will have to take turns rushing in and dealing damage and kiting Molag Bal while avoiding his devastating attacks. Use this time while kiting to regenerate your health and Stamina/Magicka.

When you need to kill multiple Titan enemies, play it safe and focus on one at a time while prioritizing your survivability. A one-handed weapon and shield isn't a bad combo for this part of the fight, especially. It might be best to use your Soul Tether Ultimate here if you have it slotted. Funnel Health/Swallow Soul are both also extremely important during all stages of the fight.

A restoration staff is nice since you can use it to heal yourself as well as to regain your Magicka if you have enough points in the skill line to gain Magicka upon using a heavy attack. Make sure to go into the fight with health potions and food/Mundus Stone buffs.

General Tips
If you find yourself behind on experience at anytime during this level range, you may find it necessary to spend a little time exploring areas you may have missed in the last three zones as well as Coldharbour. Remember to go to any landmarks on the map that are not marked with a black-lined icon. This includes world boss areas and Mundus Stones. All of these areas grant experience upon discovery.

If you'd like to become a Vampire or Werewolf, this level range is the perfect time to undertake the task. The quests are scaled for players at around levels 38-42. Here's a short guide on how to get started:

Werewolf - You need to get bit by another player or by a Werewolf mob. The Werewolves you need are located in Bangkorai, Reaper's March and The Rift. After you receive the bite you'll have to go to the ritual site where you'll start a series of quests.

Vampire - You need to get bit by another player or by a Bloodfiend mob. These mobs spawn in particular areas in Bangkorai, Reaper's March and The Rift during the nighttime hours. After you've received the bite, you'll need to go to the ritual shrine to begin a series of quests.

Don't hesitate to try and find the best gear possible at this point to help you reach level 50 quicker and easier, also it will help you find goal easily. Some of the best gear includes dungeon gear, set pieces and crafted gear. Crafted gear, especially, becomes extremely good the closer you get to level 50. Make friends with a few crafters and join a couple of trading guilds if you haven't already to take advantage of guild stores.

If you have gear crafted for you, you may wish to stick with primarily Infused and Divine traits. These are the best two options for levels 40-50 and throughout most of endgame. Divine traits grant you a bonus from your Mundus Stone buff which you should have up at all times. This effect stacks when placed on multiple gear slots. Infused traits grant a bonus to the enchantment that is on the item.

For all of your item enchantments, you will most likely find it best to stick with pieces that up your Stamina, Magicka or Health. This works best most of the time, especially when combined with Infused traits.

4 Ways to Powerleveling Your Character in the Elder Scrolls Online

With the Elder Scrolls Online being released soon with subscription system, many players are asking themselves what the best way to level up is going to be. From the casual player to the hardcore gamer, TESO will be set up in a way that appeals to everyone. There will be numerous ways to level up in the game, each with their own perils and adventure.

The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be the newest edition in a long line of MMORPGs, and like many online RPGs, questing will play a central role. Questing will be the most obvious route for leveling up your character and one of the most rewarding. The quests in the game will be similar to previous Bethesda games. The player comes across an NPC in the game that has a problem that needs fixing. The quest is accepted, and then the player goes out to do the deed and returns for a reward of gold, loot, and experience. Questing is a central role in any RPG, and TESO players will find the game packed to the brim with them.

Dungeon Run
Many MMORPGs feature dungeons as a standard feature. This is where the "multiplayer" in "massively multiplayer online roleplaying game" tends to shine. TESO's dungeons will require 4 players to beat. This is a fantastic option for leveling for any player that can find enough friends to accompany them. There will be dungeons like the type mentioned above, but the game will also be filled with what Bethesda calls public dungeons. Normal dungeons are suggested for 4 players, whereas public dungeons are suggested for 1.5. Any players wanting a more challenging play through should give these public dungeons a try.

Exploration is highly encouraged in the Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda wants you to see the beautifully crafted and detailed world they've created. Incentives are in place to encourage players to explore to their hearts' content. Skyshards are hidden objects located throughout the world of TESO that players can collect. Every 3 skyshards found will give the player an additional skill point.

No online game can call itself good without giving players the option to kill each other, and TESO will have a bounty of opportunities for players to do just that. PVP will play a central role in the game. Players will kill each other, capture keeps and resources, and reinforce siege weapons around the zone of Cyrodiil. Players can start PVPing as soon as they're level 10, and TESO is set up to allow players to level up and making gold while PVPing. Each enemy killed, ally healed, keep captured, or siege engine captured will give a player experience. This will be an incredibly fun way to level up, but the efficiency of doing it this way will be based on how skilled that particular player is. Mileage may vary.

TESO will give players many paths to choose from to beat the game. Choose the path that best suits your play style. Just don't forget to try the other ways out, too.